Liste des produits du fournisseur GEOPTIK

From many years Geoptik produces, with the best quality Italian, a comprehensive line of products for the amateur astronomer and astronomy.

Important part of our philosophy of production and trade, is to offer a product with HIGH quality standards from the materials used to working with CNC system, up to the point of finishing materials.

This has led us to provide customers with all the data that clearly certify the quality of all production processes.

A few years ago we implemented our certification with the CE mark. The CE marking is the main indicator of a product conforms to EU standards and allows the free market within the European market.

By affixing the CE marking on a product, Geoptik states to comply with all the requirements for the label itself, and take responsibility for its marketing within the European Economic Area.

Geoptik is already able to meet these guidelines offering products of the highest quality, sure you do not put on the market products that may cause harm to the user, to others and to the environment.

If these things are important for you and for your tranquility, check that your purchases have the certifications required by law.

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