Tecnosky Focuser V-Power Crayford Focuser for 2" and 3" SC Thread

Focuser V-Power pour SC

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Tecnosky Focuser V-Power Crayford Focuser for 2" and 3" SC Thread

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Tecnosky Focuser V-Power Crayford Focuser for 2" and 3" SC Thread

Crayford Focuser for Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes from Celestron and Meade

The UNCSC2 is a short focuser with only 85 mm height. The short length and the excellent workmanship make this focuser to one of the best in its class. A good Crayford offers outstanding advantages for the owners of Meade or Celestron SC, EHD or ACF telescopes.

♦ No problem with primary mirror shifting, as the main mirror focusing is not used.
♦ Significantly more precise focusing by the 10:1 dual speed transmission
♦ Later motorization is possible.

The advantages and features of the Tecnosky V-Power focuser:

♦ Besides the 2" and 1.25" compression rings, the focuser offers a male 65 mm thread for threaded adaptions. That is important mainly for astrophotography.
♦ The focuser is supplied with a universal adapter which fits to all SC threads from Celestron and Meade, even to the large ones which are used by Celestron starting from the C11 and by Meade starting from the 10" SC.
♦ Reinforced ball bearings and V2A bearing surface offer maximum rigdity and full functionality even after many years where aluminum slowly abrades.
♦ The 1:10 speed reduction has professional quality and is also made of V2A and hardened steel.
♦ Massive steel rails are worked into the drawtube as counter surfaces for the ball bearings to ensure a smooth motion.
♦ The drag is adjusted with a friction screw. Locking the focuser becomes unnecessary, as the focuser keeps the position, even at high load. However, a knurled locking screw is built in.
♦ Steel parts and gear drives are designed for long-term operation under heavy load, especailly for astrophotography. The stainless steel ball bearings are combined with bearing surfaces also made of from stainless steel, so nothing can incise into soft aluminium.
♦ The drawtube is furnished with anti-reflex baffles to improve contrast.


Type: Crayford focuser
Drawtube travel: 30 mm
Minimum height: approx. 90 mm
Weight: 1100 grams
Drawtube drive: Crayford principle with 4 strengthened ball bearing which are supported in a way to be adjustable
Drawtube: with anti-reflex thread
Inner diameter: matches 2" accessories without bottelneck