Focuser Tecnosky Titanium pour RC GSO 10/12 View larger

Focuser Tecnosky GSO Titanium RC 6/8"

Focuser GSO Titanium RC 6/8"

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Focuser Tecnosky GSO Titanium RC  6/8"

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Focuser Tecnosky GSO Titanium RC  6/8"

Tecnosky presents a new GSO focuser for RC 10/12 "telescopes The design, with the transverse tooth rack, supported by 8 ball bearings, allows a very high load without the risk of a change of focus, while keeping the camera perfectly in line with the photo of the telescope.The locking system acts directly on the rail and once locked allows the movable part to fix it to its support as if they were one piece! The right control unit always incorporates the 1:10 micrometric gear ratio, it can also be rotated 360 ° to allow adjustment of the frame / sensor to the photo you want to take.


Characteristics :


Weight 1055 grams

Focusing movement 25 mm

Load 4 kg

For RC 6 and 8 inch inches