Medium telescope protection (30A080)

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Medium telescope protection (30A080)

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Medium telescope protection (30A080)

This flexible and reflective multilayer protection protects the telescope from dust, rain and above all prevents the instrument from heating up by the sun.

Thanks to the high reflectivity (99%) due to the presence of a high density optical Mylar film, you can keep the instrument and its electronic components outside even on days of strong solar radiation. Inside there are three LDPe coatings which allow great flexibility "dressing" the telescope with absolute protection. The microclimate generated inside avoids the process of condensation allowing the instrument to remain still even for long periods in any atmospheric situation. High COF (coefficient of slip) on the surface reduces dust accumulation; moreover, the very low factor of wettability and porosity of the surface of the fabric avoids the stagnation of water.


Middle sheet: 1630x1200mm