Celestron Telescope Astrograph S 279/620 RASA CGX 1100 GoTo

CGX - RASA 1100 V2

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Celestron Telescope Astrograph S 279/620 RASA CGX 1100 GoTo

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Celestron Telescope Astrograph S 279/620 RASA CGX 1100 GoTo

Product description:

Digital Schmidt camera for wide angle astrophotography!

This astrograph makes it very easy to create stunning photos with a modern DSLR or astronomical CCD camera. The new optical design has a four-lens corrector,incorporating rare earth glass, which suppresses chromatic aberrations and other problems such as coma and field curvature. Never before has an astrograph in this price range delivered such optical quality and spot size over the entire image field. The design also allows for a very low vignetting.

  • super-fast 11" f2.2 optics - sharply images APS format and is even optimized for sensor sizes up to a 70mm field diagonal.
  • extremely short exposure times - the RASA Astrograph acquires images twenty times faster than at f10! Thirty seconds at f2.2 correspond to ten minutes at f10 - tracking control is hence superfluous!
  • huge field of view - with a 620mm focal length, makes wide-angle shots a piece of cake and you and always have an overview
  • excellent focusing mechanism - new bronze bearings reduce image shift, the 10:1 FeatherTouch micro-focuser allows highly precise focusing!
  • innovative Features - quieter 12V MagLev fan reduces the cooling phase, keeps out dust and allows optimum air circulation in the OTA. Various adapters for popular camera brands are included. Back focus for the camera supplied adapters: 55mm, back focus for the front lens group: 69.26mm

RASA stands for Rowe-Ackermann-Schmidt Astrograph - Dave Rowe and Mark Ackermann are renowned optical instrument designers. Together, they hold numerous patents on their inventions. The RASA astrograph combines their expertise and experience.

Video  CGX / Rasa



Type Reflector
Type of build Astrograph
Aperture (mm) 279
Focal length (mm) 620
Resolving capacity 0,41
Light gathering capacity 1588
Aperture ratio (f/) 2,22
Tube length (mm) 838
Tube material Aluminium
Coating Starbright XLT


Secondary mirror obstruction 13
Secondary mirror diameter (mm) 85
Ventilation for central mirror yes


GoTo control yes
Type of build CGX
Tracking yes
Load capacity (kg) 25
Mounting type Equatorial
Weight (kg) 28,7
Encoder yes
Power supply 12
Polar elevation setting (°) 3 - 65

GoTo control

GPS optional
Software NexStar
GoTo Language German, English, French, Spanish, Italian
Interfaces 2x Aux, USB 2.0, Autoguider
Alignment method SkyAlign, 3-Star Align, Solar System Align
Tracking speeds sideral, solar and lunar


Accessory plate yes
Type Tripod
Material Steel
Tripod leg diameter (mm) 51

Included accessories

2'' eyepieces 23mm
Deviating optics 2", 90° star diagonal
Polar finder scope <p> no
Prism rail Losmandy-Style
Dew Shield no
Counterweights (kg) 4x 5
Power pack no
Cigarette lighter, electric cable yes
Carrying case no
Eyepiece adaptor 1,25" - 2"
Finder scope 9x50


Series CGX

Area of application

Astrophotography yes (very good)
Moon & Planets yes
Nature Observation no
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Sun no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

recommended for

Beginners no
Advanced yes
Experienced amateurs yes