Reducer 0.67 tecnosky for RC View larger

Reducer 0.67 tecnosky for RC

Réducteur RC 0.67

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Reducer 0.67 tecnosky for RC

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Reducer 0.67 tecnosky for RC

Tecnosky 0.67x telecompressor is suitable for use on Ritchey Cretien telescopes or for refractors up to F / 8.0 focal length; this indispensable accessory has been created to reduce the focal length in RC telescopes making them more performing for astrophotography shots.

Field tests have shown a valid application also on apochromatic refractors with integrated corrector, on apochromatic refractors without corrector and on SC HD Celestron and ACF Meade.

We mainly recommend this product for Ritchey-Cretien GSO / TS / AstroTech / AltairAstro telescopes.