TS-Optics 10" f/4 UNC Newtonian Telescope with Quartz main Mirror and Carbon Tube

Newton 10 pouces quartz TS

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TS-Optics 10" f/4 UNC Newtonian Telescope with Quartz main Mirror and Carbon Tube

Télescope Newtonien avec ouverture 10 "et longueur focale de 1000 mm - optimisé individuellement pour vos besoins, avec l'un des meilleurs miroirs 10" que nous connaissons.

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TS-Optics 10" f/4 UNC Newtonian Telescope with Quartz main Mirror and Carbon Tube

The UNC series from Teleskop Service is THE alternative to Newtonians from far east but also to high-end, high-cost instruments. UNC is a price effective telescope line without compromises. UNC stands for Universal Newtonian Telescope with Carbon tube. Individually optimized, Made in Germany!

The 10" f/4 UNC Newtonian is a transportable telescope for astrophotography. The fast focal ratio f/4 allows very deep galaxy and nebular images with short exposure times.

TS UNC Newtonian advantages:

♦ High quality carbon fibre tube, individually manufactured in Germany
♦ Optimized focus position according to customer´s demands for best field illumination
♦ Main and secondary mirror cell improved by Teleskop Service
♦ Easy collimation without tools
♦ Blackened secondary mirror edges
♦ Mirror substrate is fused quartz (thermal properties similar to Zerodur)
♦ TS UNCN2 2" Crayford focuser - one of the best systems in its class
♦ Secondary mounted with correct offset
♦ Diffraction limited system

Anti reflex painting for maximized contrast

For our UNC Newtonians, we use Berger Anti-Reflex paint. As effective as dark black velours foil, it does not gather dust which lands on the mirror and has a weight advantage.

The image left shows the difference between Anti-Reflex paint and standard solutions. The diagram above shows a direct comparison between standard school board paint and Berger anti-reflex paint.

Quartz glass mirror substrate:

Each material has its own coefficient of thermal expansion. This is essential for the mirror´s reaction to temperature changes. The lower this expansion coefficient, the less the mirror reacts to changes of temperature. It is ready to use more quickly and, above all, the focus drift during astrophotography is reduced.

The mirror blank of fused quartz has no recognisable expansion, so it is superior to popular mirror blanks of Pyrex or Suprax, similar to Zerodur. For this reason, a quartz glass mirror is particularly suitable for astrophotography. Due to its excellent surface, we also recommend this mirror for building high-resolution Newtonian telescopes for visual observation.

Three focus positions possible:

Pos. 1 - Astrophotography with normal Coma Correctors - 65 mm distance from the 2" connection of the focuser (STANDARD Version)
This version is perfect for nearly all 2" newtonian coma correctors like the Baader MPCC, TS Komakorrektor, GPU corrector, ASA Quattro, ... For visual observing, you will need a 35 mm 2" extension tube TSV235.

Pos. 2 - Astrophotography with ASA 2" Reducer/Corrector - 90 mm distance from the 2" connection of the focuser
This version is made for the famous ASA 2KORRR Reducer and Corrector. The focal ratio will reduced from f/4 to f/2.8 with really good field correction.

Pos. 3 - Optimized for visual observing and TeleVue Paracorr VIP-2010 - 35 mm distance from the 2" connection of the focuser
This version is perfect for amateur astronomers looking for a telescope for visual observing. For this version a 63 mm secondary mirror can also be chosen.

How do I order the correct version?

If you order online from our shop you will come to the page where you can choose the payment method. There you find a text field. In this field, please write down the version, you would like to get.

2" TS UNCN2 V-Power Crayford Focuser:

One crucial part of the TS UNC Newtonians is the TS UNCN2 focuser. Although needing only 75 mm back focus, the focuser accepts heavy cameras without tilting. With this focuser, we have been able to optimize the focus position above the tube for maximum illumination.

♦ includes precise 1:10 dual speed transmission
♦ the focuser holds also heavy cameras and acessories
♦ upgradable with TS motorfocus system - manual use still available
♦ adaption via 65 mm thread for cameras or 2" for eyepieces

Main mirror fan for faster cool-down time:

Instead of chosing exotic and incredibly expensive mirror substrates we have chosen to equip this telescope with a BK7 primary mirror and a cooling fan to accelerate cool-down time to ambient temperature. Until a mirror is properly cooled down it will create currents of warm air that will deteriorate the image - no matter which mirror substrate is used. Only after the mirror has cooled down this effect stops.

Parabolic main mirror:

The very precisely figured parabolical primary mirror of this telescope is not made of cheap float glass, but rather of BK7 optical glass that is free of internal stress. Thermic properties are generally better than float glass. At the same time the mirror is way more affordable than more exotic primary mirror substrates that in our opinion hardly bring any advantage at all (see comments under "Primary Mirror Cooling Fan"). For easier collimation the mirrors are properly center marked.

Every single TS Carbon Imaging Newtonian is star tested on our optical bench before shipping:

You don´t buy "a pig in a poke" but you receive an individually in auto collimation tested telescope. UNC Newtonian telescope are handmade telescope "made in Germany".