Skywatcher Apochromatic refractor AP 120/840 ESPRIT-120ED Professional OTA

Esprit 120ED Pro triplet

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Skywatcher Apochromatic refractor AP 120/840 ESPRIT-120ED Professional OTA

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Skywatcher Apochromatic refractor AP 120/840 ESPRIT-120ED Professional OTA

Product description:

Esprit ED refractor - triplet apochromat telescope from Skywatcher

These three lens element Esprit apochromats are the new top-of-the-range models in Skywatcher's stable. Skywatcher is offering quality high-end telescopes in apertures of 120mm and 150mm for astrophotographers and demanding observers.

The triplet lens consists of an Ohara-FPL 53 lens and two elements from Schott. This combination shows no detectable colour fringing and provides a high contrast image.

Flat image field

An additional built-in flat-field corrector means Esprit apos always deliver absolutely flat and sharp images. The corrector sits directly on the focuser and provides very well corrected shots even if you are using a full format chip camera.

Linear Power focuser

The 3" Linear Power focuser provides you with all the options you need for astrophotography. Its size means that even full frame camera chips are optimally illuminated. Additional adapters reduce this large opening to the standard 2" or 1.25" sizes, as required.

This new Linear Power focuser can support even heavier accessories. The drawtube runs on a sturdy stainless steel rail and additional four roller bearings. The focuser is hence just as easy to use as a Crayford focuser, but able to carry much larger loads. This focuser can also be rotated which is immensely useful for astrophotography, so you can easily find the right camera orientation for your favourite photo subjects.

The 1:11 reduction ratio always guarantees sensitive and accurate focusing to give the optimum sharpness for camera and eyepiece.

The advantages at a glance:

  • triplet apochromatic objective
  • FLP-53 Ohara glass
  • remarkable contrast and no detectable colour fringing
  • objective lens cell easily collimated
  • good illumination - even of full-frame camera chips
  • 3" Linear Power focuser with 2" and 1.25 "adapters
  • 1:11 reduction ratio for extremely accurate focusing
  • focuser can carry up to 5kg unclamped and up to 10kg clamped
  • very high-quality mechanical and optical manufacturing
  • pull-out dew shield



Type Refractor
Type of build Apochromat Triplet
Aperture (mm) 120
Focal length (mm) 840
Aperture ratio 7
Resolving capacity 0,96
Limit value (mag) 12,2
Light gathering capacity 290
Max. useful magnification 240
Tube weight (kg) 9,61
Tube material Aluminium

Eyepiece holder

Type of build Linear Crayford
Connection ( to eyepiece) 3
Gear reduction 1:11 fine focusing


Type of build OTA
Mounting type no mount
GoTo control no

Included accessories

2'' eyepieces LET Okular 28mm
Finder scope 9x50
Deviating optics 2", 90° star diagonal
Tube clamps yes
Prism rail Losmandy-Style


Total weight (kg) 12,13

Area of application

Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Nature observation yes
Astrophotography yes
Sun not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

recommended for

Beginners no
Advanced yes
Experienced amateurs yes