Optolong L-eNhance Filter 2" (48mm)

Optolong L-ENHANCE Filter 2

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Optolong L-eNhance Filter 2" (48mm)

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Optolong L-eNhance Filter 2" (48mm)


The relentless spread of urbanization and its associated light pollution have become a growing problem for all amateurs and astrophotographers. The current fixes to the problem can be expensive and might include the purchase of a monochrome camera, several types of narrowband filters and a filter wheel.

L-eNhance provides an economical and practical fix for amateurs. It is a dual-band pass filter which has been designed for DSLR (digital SLR), color CMOS and CCD cameras. 

Optolong believes the design of their L-eNhance filter is a technical innovation among filters. It effectively isolates the H-alpha, H-beta, and Oxygen iii nebula emission lines and achieves a maximum transmission of up to 90-percent. The performance of this filter delivers images that control the impact from light polluted skies.


The bandwidths:

= 24 nm for OIII and H-beta

= 10 nm for Ha


Optolong specially designed and optimized their dual-band L-eNhance filter according to the characteristics of celestial body emission lines and features of the light pollution spectrum span. This retains the prominent color of nebula RGB while blocking out most of light pollution.


Bandpass Multi Bandpass
Filter Shape Round 2 inch 
Filter Thickness 1.85mm
Filter Type Light Pollution/City Light Suppression
Free Shipping Yes
Size 2"