Baader LRGB-CCD Filter set 2" with cell

LRGB-CCD Baader 2 inch

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Baader LRGB-CCD Filter set 2" with cell

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Baader LRGB-CCD Filter set 2" with cell

Baader LRGB-CCD Filter set 2" with cell # 2458477
... high quality LRGB filter set for astrophotography

Baader 2

This filter set consists of:

-- 2" Interference filter red
-- 2" Interference filter blue
-- 2" Interference filter green
-- 2" UV/IR cut filter for luminance

Each filter comes in a robust plastic box for gentle and dust-proof storage.

General information about the Baader interference filters:

These new filters by Baader guarantee highest contrast due to the steep transmission curve's edges. The photographical results are better than with standard RGB filters.

Especially under light-polluted skies the Baader RGB filters have great effect because the main realm of light pollution (mercury and sodium vapor lamps) is recessed.

Deep sky objects rarely emit light over the full spectrum. They shine e.g. in [O III] or H-alpha. Nebulous objects but also some galaxies have a broader spectrum. It is also possible that complex blue reflective nebulae are embedded in red emission nebulae.

The Baader RGB filters are no simple colour filters but specially designed filters with high transmission and steep curve edges allowing only their special colour to pass. So the critical parts of the spectrum are captured with highest contrast and high quality.

The result is a better colour weighting with intense contrast - already in the raw picture!

The RGB filter curves including the L and C filter:

Baader CCD Filter transmission curve

Mechanical characteristics:
  • the only filters with homofocal plano-polished substrate (2 mm thick). Every single filter is fine optically polished to 1/4 wave length.
  • Baader LRGBC-Filters are hard coated separately. The individual filter is not bored out of a big plate.
  • Filters who are bored out have micro fissures in the rim of their coatings. They tend so soak humidity because of the fissure's capillar characteristic.
  • All Baader filters have sealed coating rims because of their individual treatment. Intrusion of humidity is impossible.
  • In a long-term ageing test scheme, Baader filters were stored in boiling water for one hour (e.g. at B+W filters and Schneider Kreuznach) and remained (in opposite to bored filters) absolutely intact.
  • The Baader filter's scratch-proof hard coatings can be cleanded often - preferably with Baader optical wonder cleaning fluid.
Optical characteristics: no reflections compared with competing RGB filters.
  • Balanced RGB design allows photos with equal integration time - important for automatised series.
  • Maxium colour contrast by extremely steep transmission curve edges.
  • [O III] emission line is double weighted in the B and G channel - for maximum Deep Sky quantum efficience.
  • R-Filter delivers maximum transmission and contrast at H-alpha and [S II] but blocks IR from 680 to 1200 nm.
  • Blocking between G and R channel reduces light pollution of mercury and sodium vapor lamps at 580 nm thus darkening the skies background and improves color balance and separation.