Avalon M-Zero obs Wi-Fi GoTo mount with compact tripod

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Avalon M-Zero obs Wi-Fi GoTo mount with compact tripod

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Avalon M-Zero obs Wi-Fi GoTo mount with compact tripod

Avalon M-Zero AZ & EQ GoTo Single-Arm Fork Mount with Tripod

Avalon´s revolutionary M-Zero GoTo mount offers the proven combination of style, functionality and quality you´d expect from a mount made in Europe. With its unique design, this all-rounder offers amateur astronomers a wealth of new possibilities. The mount is the perfect companion for the mobile observer and for the demanding astrophotographer.

The advantages of the M-Zero mount:

♦ With a total weight of only 5.5 kg, the mount carries telescopes up to 10 kg (photographically up to 8 kg)
♦ Even long telescopes like APO refractors can be used
♦ No meridian flip - a flip during meridian passage is not necessary, you can continue photographing
♦ Time-lapse connection for DSLR cameras available
♦ Easy calibration of the computer in both alt-azimuth and equatorial mode
♦ Due to the weight of only 5.5 kg (mount head), the mount is also suitable for air travel

{ {One mount - 2 telescopes - Dual-DEC system}]The Dual-DEC system makes it possible to mount a second telescope on the opposite side of the declination axis. This makes it possible to use a wide range of telescopes, starting with a small (4-5 kg) refractor up to a double setup with a total weight of 12-13 kg. The second telescope attachment is very popular for telephoto lenses or for guide scopes.

The drive technology via precision toothed belt - no more gear problems:

The AVALON mounts are driven by a toothed belt. It has no backlash and is superior to other mechanical drive constructions such as friction wheels. The periodic error occurs more slowly than with most classic mounts and is absolutely regular. There are no gear errors. The advantage: Autoguiders can work very well with the AVALON mounts and produce perfectly pinpoint stars. Especially gear errors which are difficult to control do not exist with the linear drive.

No meridian flip needed:

M-zero and M-uno single arm astronomical mounts allow to track an object all night long without the need to flip the telescope when the mount is passing through the meridian!

Intelligent telescope balancing:

The fork arm can be moved transverse to the right ascension axis, thus shifting the telescope´s center of gravity into it.

The Star-Go control "Made in Europe":

For this GoTo system, only electronic and hardware components produced in Europe are used.

High-precision motors allow speeds of 0.05x to 1000x. The STARGO interface on the mount has many useful connections. In addition to the classic ST-4 guiding port, the controller has 3 auxilary ports for various devices, a port for connecting a DSLR camera, a USB port and a port for motor focusers.

A PC software interface is supplied with each STAR-GO control unit, which can control the mount and all connected components. A simple hand-held controller is included in the scope of delivery. Control is possible via Bluetooth using optional Android apps. Software updates directly to the PC are possible at any time.

The Avalon M-Zero mount at a glance:

♦ equatorial and alt-azimuth one-arm mount
♦ Fast reverse technology (toothed belt drive)
♦ No gear backlash, maintenance-free
♦ Total weight of the mount: 5.5 kg
♦ Maximum photographic load capacity: 8 kg
♦ Maximum visual load capacity: 10 kg (up to 13 kg with double mounting)
♦ Can be used on both sides
♦ Telescop connection: Vixen-GP style
♦ Manual control box for direct control of the mount
♦ Wi-Fi control via smartphone or tablet
♦ Virtual handheld control box for smartphones and tablets
♦ PC control - ASCOM compatible
♦ ST-4 compatible autoguider connector
♦ Baader Steeldrive connector
♦ Time-lapse connection for DSLR cameras
♦ Two Aux connectors for motors and filter wheels
♦ 12 V DC power supply, 0.5 A
♦ Height adjustable tripod T-Pod 90
♦ Clamping for counterweight: The dovetail bar is Arca-Swiss compatible