M-ZERO HQ Bluetooth (red or black)

Avalon AV-1MZR004

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M-ZERO HQ Bluetooth

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M-ZERO HQ Bluetooth


Payload Capability up to 13/15 kg in double telescope setup

No Meridian Flip

The special Single Arm design allows to track an object all night long without performing the Meridian Flip.

No backlash

With the unique Belt Drive System, Avalon mounts are Backlash free.

This technology allows a fast reaction to the pulse guide, a primary aspect required for high performance in guiding, getting rid of sudden spikes that affect the final astrophotography outcome.

The top quality manufacturing level, the innovative Belt Drive System with zero backlash and the new StarGO GoTo control system allow excellent performance in the photographic use, with guided long exposure images (see our suggested PHD2 guide parameters table), even while using very long focal length telescopes.

Belt drive system

Made in Italy Design

The M-zero has been manufactured to give the best performance with the most attractive Made in Italy design.

Dual Dec

The special Dual Dec design allow to use two telescopes together. The second telescope can be used to shoot pictures or to guide, working at the same time as a “counterweight” itself.

dual dec

No counterweight setup

Thanks to the Dual Dec feature and the possibility to move the DEC arm in several different positions, the setup can be balanced without counterweights.

A system naturally fine balanced in this way doesn’t require any effort from the mechanics. This means that the mount is not weight-overcharged and in case of accidentally power loss there is no “telescope fall down” risk.


Light and Strong, Portable Astronomy

Made entirely from anodized aluminum, worked using 5 axes CNC machines. 
The mount weights only 6 kg/13.2 lb and, combined with the new T-Pod 90 tripod, reaches a total weight of 12 kg/26.4 lb, a great solution for the travelling astronomy.

HQ motors

More resolute and accurate tracking accuracy with the 400 step HQ (Hig Quality) motors assembled on both RA/DEC axis.

Portable Astronomy

Light weight and strong, the M-zero is a great solution for the travelling astronomy.

Several mounts in one

The M-zero is more then one mounts: a Standard Equatorial when used with longer optics, a Single Arm with the great benefit of non requiring meridian flip using compact optics, an Alt-azimuthal mount for visual astronomy and, finally, an excellent time-lapse platform for panoramic photography and video shooting.

StarGo GoTo Control System

Thanks to StarGO GoToControl System the M-Zero can be controlled by smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth or WiFi connection and can be quickly set in the Alt-azimuthal mode for the visual observation with larger telescopes and binocular or to make panoramic pictures or video sequences with time-lapse features.

Zero Maintenance

The virtually zero maintenance, the long lasting materials used and the possibility to easily update the StarGO firmware and software allow the M-zero to be always ready to use, up to date, competitive and extremely reliable.



Technical Data

Equatorial/Alt-Az Single-Arm mount

 Weight 7,5 kg/16 lb
 Capacity 8 kg/17.6 lb (one telescope) - 13 kg/28.6 lb (double telescopes setup)
Trasmission system
All belts drive system based on four stages reducer.
All the movements are on ball bearings. No maintenance and no backlash system.
Pulleys made with special polymer fiberglass charged and high precision toothed belts.
Construction Material Anodized aluminium, worked out from single blocks with high precision 5 axis CNC machines
Polar Finder Celestron model
GOTO system StarGO GoTo Control System Bluetooth ver.
Counterweight 0.5 kg/1.1 lb
Scope plate Vixen style
Warranty 2 years from the purchase date, extended to 5 years for the transmission system












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M-Zero draw

User Manual

Qhyccd QHY695A
Optolong Astro filter LRGB, Takahashi FS60CB f/4.2
Avalon-instruments M-Zero
18x10' L - 9x10' RGB
April, June 2017, Capodirigo (AP), Italy
Credits: Matteo Collina