DOBSON GSO 16" 406/1829 TRUSS


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DOBSON GSO 16" 406/1829 TRUSS

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DOBSON GSO 16" 406/1829 TRUSS

GSO Dobsonian with 16" F4.5 BK7 mirror optics, correction greater than 1/5 lambda (PTV), 91% reflectivity with protective treatment (SiO2) primary mirror thickness 41 mm
Secondary mirror of 88mm and thickness of and 21mm, reflectivity 91% with protective treatment (SiO2), correction greater than 1/4 of lamda (PTV)

Mechanical mesh design, easily removable to reduce tube size.

Movement in azimuth on disc with roller bearings and in height on ball bearings.

Primary cell with 18 floating support points with acclimatization fan.

Includes a GSO crayford eyepiece holder with 1:10 reduction, 8x50 rifle scope, GSO SW 30mm 65° 2" eyepiece, GSO 9 mm super ploss eyepiece and moon filter.