QHY 5-III-462C CMOS Camera

QHY 5-III-462C CMOS Camera

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QHY 5-III-462C CMOS Camera

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QHY 5-III-462C CMOS Camera


Lowest Readout Noise, Fast frame rates (120+ FPS)

QHY5III462C uses the latest (6th Generation) 2.1 megapixel IMX462 STARVIS CMOS sensor from Sony (available in color only). The pixel size is 2.9µm making it the same size and resolution as the sensor used in the QHY5III290 camera (product is dicontinued) that has been so successfully used for planetary imaging by some of the best planetary imagers in the world. The QHY462C has a fast USB 3.0 interface. 

The IMX462 sensor is back-illuminated and has new features that give it two significant advantages over other planetary cameras:

  1. the IMX462 sensor has sHGC for extremely low read noise (less than one electron) at high gain. This is ideal for stacking hundreds or thousands of short planetary images.
  2. it is exceptionally sensitive in the NIR. In this generation of sensor, the photodiode portion of the pixel well is deepened, allowing photons of longer wavelength to penetrate deeper into the substrate and thereby dramatically increases the sensor's sensitivity to red light and near infrared light (NIR). The RGB filters over the pixels become transparent at NIR wavelengths, so the sensor displays almost equal peak sensitivity to NIR light as it does to light in the visible spectrum.


The peak QE in the NIR around 800nm is as high or higher as the peak QE in the visible wavelengths. For planetary imagers using a methane filter that passes light around 880nm this is welcome news.

Innovative cooling concept

By including four proprietary cooling segments with a larger diameter at the end of the camera, the cooling surface of the otherwise cylindrical camera housing is significantly increased. This results in faster and higher thermal dissipation from the inner area of the camera to the outside environment.

The QHY5III462C camera will include two 1.25" screw-in filters, a UV/IR cut filter to isolate the visible wavelengths for normal RGB imaging and an IR850 filter that will cut the visible wavelengths but pass wavelengths above 850nm. Together, this yields a camera that can image in (a) visible light only, or (b) NIR light only, or (c) combined visible and NIR. Passing all the light, visible and NIR, will produce a very sensitive luminance frame (when shot through a reflector or other scope capable of focusing visible and NiR together) for producing LRGB color images.

QHY 5-III-462C System Gain (12bit) vs. Gain

QHY 5-III-462C Readout noise vs. Gain

QHY 5-III-462C Fullwell vs. Gain

QHY 5-III-462C Dynamic Range vs. Gain


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Please note: The QHY 462C Camera is currently not in stock due to very high demand – but more are coming! You can preorder now and get the camera delivered as soon as possible. If you have ordered other products which are in stock, the partial order will be sent directly to you and the QHY backorder will be shipped free of charge as soon as we receive it.
SENSOR TYP Back Illuminated
RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080
PIXEL SIZE 2.9μm*2.9μm
EXPOSURE TIME 7us-900sec
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES 1.25" UV/IR Filter, 1.25" IR850 Filter, Guiding Cable, Focus Locking Ring, USB 3.0 Cable
OPTICAL WINDOW changeable 1.25 inch filter (includes 1,25 inch free IR- Cut filter and free 1.25 inchl IR850 filter
SHUTTER Electric Rolling Shutter
MAXIMUM FRAME RATE Full resolution: 135FPS@ 8 Bit
DATA BIT DEPTH 12 bit (output als 16bit und 8bit)
TELESCOPE CONNECTION 1.25" Telescope interface, CS-Mount
GUIDING PORT Standard 6-pin RJ11, SBIG ST4 compatible