Caméra ZWO couleur ASI462MC

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  • The ASI462MC is the latest color planetary camera from ZWO packed with the Sony IMX462, 1/2.8-inch format, 12bit ADC sensor. Its 2.9 um pixel size accommodates a well depth of 11.2ke and total of 2.1 megapixels.

    With the ability to capture infrared lights, the super-high sensitivity, and ultra-low readout noise, this camera is considered as the upgraded version of ASI290MC and will offer great performance for planetary imaging, solar, and lunar astrophotography.

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    IMX462 sensor

    The format of the Sony IMX462 sensor is 1/2.8-inch. The sensor length and width are 5.6 mm by 3.2 mm and the diagonal is 6.46 mm. The resolution is 1936*1096. 

    This camera has a built-in HCG mode; which can effectively reduce the readout noise at high gain and keep the same wide dynamic range for this camera as at low gain. When the gain is 80, the HCG mode will be automatically turned on. Additionally, the read noise is as low as 0.47e while the dynamic range can still be close to 12-stops. 

    QE curve

    ASI462 has a very high QE value at 800 to 1000 nm wavelength (almost 2 times higher than that of ASI290MC). Its sensitivity in near-infrared light regions ranks first among all ASI planetary cameras.

    ASI462MC vs ASI290MC

    In general, the ASI462MC and ASI290MC cameras share very similar parameters, but this ASI462MC has a lower readout noise and higher QE value.

    USB 3.0 Port and ST4 Port

    USB 3.0 Port: Provids 5Gb bandwidth to let ASI462 run at 136.1fps (10bit, high-speed mode) or 63.9fps (12bit, normal mode) at full resolution (2.1Mega).

    ST4 Port: Can be used to connect with the auto guide port of your mount for guiding. 

    Highlighted Specs:

    • Resolution: 2.1MP / 1936*1096.
    • Image area: 5.6 mm by 3.2 mm.
    • Diagonal: 6.46 mm.
    • Max FPS at full resolution:
      • 136.1fps (10bit, high speed mode).
      • 63.9fps (12bit, normal mode).
    • Full resolution: 2.1 MP.
    • Readout noise: 0.47 to 2.65e.
    • QE peak: Over 80%.
    • ADC: 12bit.
    • Back Focus: 12.5 mm.

    See Gallery for graphs and mechanical drawing. Click on the thumbnail images to expand, then use [ctrl][scroll/center mouse] to enlarge.


  • specifications

    Back Focus 12.5 mm
    Camera Connection Female M42x0.75
    Color or Mono Color
    Cooled Uncooled
    Dynamic Range 12 Stops
    Free Shipping Yes
    Full Rez Frame Rate 63.9fps
    Full Well 11.2ke
    Max Frame Rate 136.1fps
    Mega Pixels 2.1 MP
    Peak QE 80%
    Pixel Array 1936 x 1096
    Pixel Size 2.9 microns
    Read Noise 2.65e
    Sensor Diagonal 6.5 mm
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Sensor Sony IMX462
    Weight 1.8 lb
  • included items

    Items in the box: 

    ZWO ASI462MC Color Planetary Camera includes the camera and body, ST4 cable, quick guide, 2m USB3.0 cable, 1.25-inch cover, and 1.25-inch nose piece. There are three columns that contain two items in each.