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  • The ZWO ASI2600MM Pro features a 26-megapixel sensor for capturing the full beauty of the night sky in stunning detail. The sensor is monochrome APS-C, which is the first of its kind for a modern cooled monochrome astronomy camera. APS-C is often noted as “the sweet spot” for most telescope optics, as it’s large enough to capture a wide field of view with high resolution but still smaller than full-frame which can exhibit optical imperfections in the corners with many telescopes. As one of the most light-sensitive camera sensors on the market, the Sony IMX 571 sensor is sure to bring your astrophotography to an entirely new level.

    The ASI2600MM Pro has an incredible peak quantum efficiency (QE) value of 91%, which goes above and beyond existing astronomy cameras out there today. Other brow-raising specs include a 16-bit ADC, extremely low 1.0e - 3.3e read noise, and 14 stops of dynamic range. It also weighs a mere 0.7kg (1.5lb), saving you precious weight on your imaging train.


    APS-C Format

    This is a 26MP camera features a small pixel size of 3.76um yet also has the incredible ability to accommodate a large well depth of 50ke.

    The sensor length and width is 23.5mm x 15.7mm with a diagonal of 28.3mm. The full resolution is an impressive 6248 x 4176, which is large enough to crop in significantly and still have a usable image, or make large prints from full-resolution images.

    Native 16bit ADC

    As one of the few CMOS astronomy cameras with a 16-bit ADC on the market, ASI2600MM Pro was born with superiority for astrophotography. This 16-bit ADC is not a typical CCD 16-bit ADC. It can achieve a true dynamic range output of 14 stops, which will significantly improve the image sharpness and contrast and create smoother and more natural color transitions in areas with gradients.

    ZWO ASI2600MM Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Mono Astronomy Camera 3

    IMX571 Backlit Sensor

    Sony’s back-illuminated CMOS image sensor improves sensitivity and noise reduction — the key factors to enhancing image quality — while radically realigning their fundamental pixel structure from front-illumination to back-illumination. It has retained the advantages of CMOS image sensors such as low power consumption and high-speed operation.

    With a conventional front-illumination structure, the metal wiring and transistors on the surface of the silicon substrate that form the sensor’s light-sensitive area (photo-diode) impede photon gathering carried out by the on-chip lens. A back-illuminated structure minimizes the degradation of sensitivity to optical angle response, while also increasing the amount of light that enters each pixel due to the lack of obstacles such as metal wiring and transistors that have been moved to the reverse of the silicon substrate. This translates to a higher quantum efficiency, and allows you to gather as many photons as possible.

    ZWO ASI2600MM Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Mono Astronomy Camera 4

    Camera Performance

    The ASI2600MM Pro has excellent performance with a dynamic range of up to 14 stops. When the gain value is 100, the magical HCG high gain mode is turned on, the readout noise is greatly reduced, and the dynamic range is basically unchanged. For best image quality, it is recommended to set the gain to 0 or gain 100 during deep-sky imaging.

    ZWO ASI2600MM Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Mono Astronomy Camera 5

    Zero Amp Glow

    Traditional CMOS sensors produce a weak infrared light source during operation quite often seen in the corner of uncalibrated images as the tell-tale signs of amp glow. As the ASI2600MM Pro uses zero amp glow circuitry, you won’t have to worry about amp glow even when using high gain, long exposure imaging.

    ZWO ASI2600MM Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Mono Astronomy Camera 6

    Dark flame with amp glow – 300s exposure time

    ZWO ASI2600MM Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Mono Astronomy Camera 7

    Dark frame from ASI2600 without any amp glow – 300s exposure time

    Anti-Dew Heater

    The ASI2600MM Pro has a polyamide heater completely surrounding the protective window over the camera sensor. This drastically helps keep annoying dew or frost away, which can show up in images on cameras without a dew heater.

    The power of the heater is around 5W. You are free to turn it off anytime in your photography software if you want to save some power.

    ZWO ASI2600MM Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Mono Astronomy Camera 8

    QE Value

    According to the test results of Sony, the QE peak value of the ASI2600MM Pro is a staggering 91%. This is higher than most cameras on the market, and means the camera is able to retain an extremely high number of incoming photons and convert them into a usable image.

    ZWO ASI2600MM Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Mono Astronomy Camera 9

    Two-Stage TEC Cooling, Ultra-Low Dark Current

    Thanks to the two-stage TEC cooling, ASI2600MM Pro can lower the CMOS sensor temperature to more than 35º C below ambient, which can greatly reduce dark current generation and sensor noise even with extended exposure times.

    The unique dark current suppression technology in the camera can even further reduce dark current noise. At a cooling temperature of 0° C, the dark current noise is only 0.0022e/s/pix. This means a 300-second exposure can only cause 0.7e dark current noise, which is even less than the readout noise. While at a cooling temperature of -20° C, the dark current can even reduce down to a mere 0.00012e/s/pix, which is completely negligible.

    ZWO ASI2600MM Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Mono Astronomy Camera 10

    USB 3.0 & 256MB DDR3 Memory

    The ASI2600MM Pro is equipped with a USB 3.0 transmission interface and a built-in 256MB DDR3 cache to ensure stable and secure data transmission.

    ZWO ASI2600MM Pro USB 3.0 Cooled Mono Astronomy Camera 11

    In The Box

    ASI2600MM Pro Included Items

  • specifications

    ADC 16 bit
    Back Focus 17.5 mm
    Camera Connection M42X0.75
    Color or Mono Monochrome
    Cooled Cooled
    Free Shipping Yes
    Full Rez Frame Rate 3.51fps
    Full Well 50ke
    Max Frame Rate 16fps
    Mega Pixels 26.1 MP
    MP More than 20 MP
    Peak QE 91%
    Pixel Array 6248 x 4176
    Pixel Size 3.76 microns
    PS 3 Microns or Smaller
    Read Noise 3.3e
    Sensor Diagonal 28.3 mm
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Sensor Sony IMX571
    Weight 1.5 lb
  • included items

    • Camera bag
    • Camera body
    • M48-M42 adapter
    • Quick guide
    • USB3.0 Cable (2m)
    • M42-M42 21mm extender
    • M42-M48 16.5mm extender
    • 2" cover
    • Hexagon wrench
    • 2x USB2.0 cable (0.5m)