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The AstroStation, a small, compact and powerful controller.

The astroStation makes astrophotography a simple and effective experience.

It was created following a simple rule that every astrophotographer should be creative and free to do whatever they want with any brand of equipment.

This small module allows you to control accessories used in astrophotography, without restriction of brand or type, (mount, cameras, autofocuser etc, etc).

Offering simple controls and great creative freedom, this tool allows users to entertain themselves, by connecting via Wifi network, with mobile devices (for the moment only with Android operating systems), creating pleasant moments without constraints particular.

Astrophotography has never been easier.

The AstroStation uses an Atlas to point to celestial objects by framing them in your astrometry imager run by the AstroStation in a completely autonomous way.

That's not all, the AstroStation will also manage any filter wheel, the GoTo of motorized mounts, electronic focusers, autoguiding, without forgetting that it will help you, in a way that is so intuitive and easy to the precise setting up of your mount, that in the end you would be impressed by its speed of execution.
The AstroStation app is very scalable and flexible.

This solution allows users to get rid of the problems caused by complicated connections and cabling, when using traditional computer which will consume a lot of energy, without forgetting the possible breakdowns that can occur during assemblies of this type.

Astrophotography sessions thus become pleasant, safe and hassle-free.

Material delivered:

  • Contrôleur intelligent d'astronomie Atlas
  • Tupu Astronomy Smart Controller Body

    (dual band antenna + wireless network card)

    DC male to male power cord × 2 (0.5 m)

  • Cordon d'alimentation CC mâle à mâle
  • DC male to male power cord × 2 (1.5m)

  • Rallonge d'alimentation CC mâle à femelle
  • Male to Female DC Power Extension Cable (0.15m)

  • Câble de données à port carré USB3.0
  • USB3.0 Square Port Data Cable (1.5m)

The AstroStation intelligent module is manufactured and programmed by the renowned company ToupTek. It will be marketed from mid-March 2024 and will be sold under the name of our store, ASTROMANIE.CH

We will ensure sales and of course after-sales service for this item.