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ZWO WiFi Extender

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  • The ZWO WiFi extender is released for ASIAIR PRO to improve WiFi coverage and expand its signal. It offers a more stable and more comfortable using experience for all ASIAIR users. While you watch TV, lie on your sofa, and spend time with your family your outside setup will take astrophotos freely without you worrying about dead zones or spotty signals!

    Various Features of the ZWO WiFi Extender

    • WiFi intelligent bridge & repeater, which can realize wireless to wired, wired to wireless function
    • Support both 2.4G and 5G WiFi band
    • Support connecting more than 20pcs WiFi terminal at the same time
    • WiFi transmission rate: 300Mbps (2.4G) + 900Mbps (5G)
    • Point to point no-barrier transmission distance: 300 meters (802.11A)
    • Can be powered by DC 12V power supply and USB 5V

    Recommended Connection Method for ZWO WiFi Extender: AP Mode

    ZWO WiFi Extender for ASIAir Pro 1

    Step 1

    Since the USB 5V might not be enough to power the WiFi extender, we recommend you use DC 12V power supply. You can directly connect the WiFi extender to ASIAIR PRO via ASIAIR PRO’s DC 12V output port and Ethernet port.

    ZWO WiFi Extender for ASIAir Pro 2

    When the green indicator is flashing rapidly, it indicates the WiFi extender is working properly.

    Step 2

    Connect your phone to the WiFi extender. The code can be found at the back of the WiFi extender. It is recommended to choose 5G because the signal of 5G is stronger than 2.4G and the transmission speed is also faster.

    ZWO WiFi Extender for ASIAir Pro 3

    Open the App and confirm the network your phone connected to. Hit Next to move on.

    ZWO WiFi Extender for ASIAir Pro 4

    Scan ASIAIR and connect your phone to it.

    ZWO WiFi Extender for ASIAir Pro 5

    You can now start astrophotography with comfort! Except from AP mode, you can also login into the configuration site of the WiFi extender to set station mode. For detailed instruction, please refer to the quick guide of the ZWO WiFi extender.

  • included items

    • ZWO WiFi Extender for ASIAir Pro
    • 12V Power Cable
    • USB Power Cable