Broadband Filter L-Pro Filter clip EOS APS-C

Optolong L-PRO clip EOS

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Broadband Filter L-Pro Filter clip  EOS APS-C

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Broadband Filter L-Pro Filter clip  EOS APS-C

The L-Pro (L-Professional) filter is designed to improve the visibility of various deepsky objects. By selectively reducing the transmission of wavelengths of light pollutants, specifically those produced by artificial lightings including mercury vapor lamps, both high & low pressure sodium vapor lights and the unwanted natural light caused by neutral oxygen emission in our atmosphere (i.e. skyglow). Together with the highly transparent in main nebula emission lines at OIII(496nm and 500nm), H-beta (486nm), NII(654nm and 658nm), H-alpha(656nm) as well as SII(672nm), the filter is suitable for enhancing the contrast and details for both visual and photograghic purpose at sub-rural area with heavy light pollution.

Optolong multi band pass astro filter L Pro spectrum curve


Unlike other light pollution filter UHC and CLS, L-Pro is multi-bandpass filter which offers better color balance by maximizing the transmission band. The balanced transmission allows astrophotos to be taken with minimal color cast to broadband emission objects such as galaxies, reflection nebulae and globular star clusters. L-Pro is the best choice for light pollution suppression.

Main Use and Performance

  • Fit with CCD cameras and DSLRs
  • Work well on most emission nebulae, reflection nebulae and dark nebulae
  • Suitable for visual observation and astrophotography
  • L-Pro filter has a very low transmission reduction rate against continuous spectrum space objects, and thus is quite effective in suppressing light pollution sources when shooting galaxies, reflection nebulae and globular star clusters. The same holds true for visual star observations.
  • L-Pro filter alone can suppress infrared wavelength, and thus can be used at ease for “L” image shootings with CCDs
  • Light pollution filter do not eliminate the effects of light pollution or increase the object’s brightness. In many cases, they increase the contrast between nebula and night sky, not brightening the nebula.
  • WARNING: The filters of Optolong are not designed for sun observation. DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN WITH OPTOLONG FILTER. You would be BLIND if you fail to observe the warning.

 Optolong L Pro astronomical filter


Technical Data

  • Schott substrate material
  • Thickness 2.0 mm (1.25”/2”/77mm)
  • Thickness 1.0 mm (Clip series)
  • Surface Quality: 60/40 (Refer to MIL-O-13830)
  • Fine-optically polished to ensure accurate 1/4 wavefront and <30 seconds parallelism over the both surfaces
  • High transmission at major nebula emission lines (i.e. H-alpha 656nm, OIII 496nm and 500nm, SII 672nm and H-beta 486nm)
  • Precision off-band blocking, specifically the major emission lines of artificial light pollution (i.e. Na 589nm, Hg 435nm and 578nm)

Coating Parameter

  • Multi-layers anti-reflection coating
  • Non-cementing optical substrate coating
  • Electron-beam gun evaporation with Ion-assisted deposition coating technology for durability and resistance to scratching, as well as stability on CWL(central wavelength) no deviation affected by temperature change
  • Planetary rotation system offers precision and homogeneity of coatings ensuring high value on transmission of pass-band and Optical density of off-band

Filter Cell

  • Ultra-thin filter cell minimize vignetting by maximize possible clear aperture (clear aperture is 26mm for 1.25”; 45mm for 2”)
  • Aerometal Material | Precise CNC Machining | Sand Blasting Process | Black Anodized Finish | Extinction Treatment to Prevent Reflection | Laser Engraving No Fading


  • Standard 1.25” & 2” | Round 77mm mounted | Clip Filter Series

Optolong astro L Pro light pollution filter

User gallery


Author: 有翅膀的眼睛
Himalaya base camp_altitude 4950m
Camera: EOS 6D mod
Lens: Canon 24mmf1.4
Filter: Optolong EOS-FF L-Pro 

M31 Under Light Polluted Sky with Optolong L-Pro
Author: 星河小将(China)
Mount: iOptron CEM25
Optics: Sharp Star 65Q
CCD: Atik460
Filter: Optolong L-pro
Total exposure: 135 mins
M45 with Optolong L-Pro.jpg
Author: 星河小將 (China)
Mount: iOptron CEM25
Optics: Sharp Star 65Q
CCD: Atik460
Filter: Optolong L-pro
Total exposure: 105 mins