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Stelvision 365 Sky Guide

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Stelvision 365 Sky Guide

This is a basic guide to easily explore the sky: in a convenient format (double-A4 cardboard flyer), the Stelvision 365 sky guide card includes a general map of the sky and three pages of guide to the main celestial wonders.

On the cover, a rotating disk makes it easy to spot the stars at any time of the year and at any time of the night, in metropolitan France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and any place of comparable latitude (between 40 ° at approximately 55 ° N latitude).

Inside the leaflet, a page is dedicated to the easily observable planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus. As they move over the weeks on the bottom of the stars, identification cards have been grouped on a removable card valid for 4 years (double-sided card, 2 years per face). Thus, in the current edition, you have the positions of the planets until 2021. And the updates can be printed free of charge on the Stelvision website!

Two other pages are dedicated to the wonders of the deep sky: the most famous clusters of stars, nebulae and galaxies, observable with a simple pair of binoculars or a small telescope. Tracking maps and useful information help you enjoy it. In addition, additional pages are available for free download on the Stelvision website.

The Stelvision 365 guide card is protected by a plastic bag, you can take it everywhere under the stars!

Product designed and made in France (in Toulouse and Tarn).

22.5 cm x 30.4 cm, 4 pages and a removable plug, plastic sleeve | ISBN: ISBN 978-2-9563417-2-7 | Stelvision editions | March 2019