TS 2" Off Axis Guider for refractors, SCs, RC telescopes L 27 mm

Off Axis TS ( TSOAG27)

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TS 2" Off Axis Guider for refractors, SCs, RC telescopes L= 27 mm

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TS 2" Off Axis Guider for refractors, SCs, RC telescopes L= 27 mm

TS Off Axis Guider with 27 mm length for Astrophotography

The TSAOG27 allows capturing and guiding with the same scope, so it is used for exposure times above 2-3 minutes. This has some advantages:

♦ A guiding scope with is often more expensive than an off axis guider.
♦ The mount has to carry less weight, increasing stability and decreasing sensitivity against wind.
♦ One and the same optical system is used for capturing and guiding. No mechanical part can bend or shift.

How does an off axis guider work?

This is really simple - on the rim of the guider is a little prism that lies outside the field of view of the main sensor. All stars seen by that prism can be used for guiding. Observation is done by a sideward connector for a crosshair eyepiece or a guiding camera.

Advantages of the TS OAG 2

This off-axis guider has a few special advantages, compared with other off-axis guiders on the market. The TSOAG27 is a further development of the Celestron Radial Guider.

♦ You can twist the guiding prism by approx. 100° without loosening the guider. Camera, mounting and telescope remain one unit. Only if no guiding star can be found in this area, the guider has to be loosened - a unique system! With other guiders, you always have to loosen everything - you may imagine what happens to your precise focus in this case.

♦ To scan a bigger guide star are, the prism can be tilted by a micrometer screw - precise and very elegant! The prism is spring-loaded to prevent any play.

♦ Even heavy cameras, filter wheels etc. are carried with good stability because everything has a stiff connection to the telescope.

♦ Especially versatile through thread connections at all sides. There are no adaption problems with cameras or autoguiders. The connection to the telescope is trouble-free, too.

Adaption to the telescope

The TSOAG27 has a short (6 mm) 2" barrel with a female M48 (2") filter thread at the telescope side. This allows particularly easy adaptions to the telescope:

♦ Connection to 2" focusers: extend the 2" barrel with the 2" extension tube "TSVF230" and use the off axis guider with 2" focusers

♦ connection to the 2" SC thread: the adapter TSSC-M48 adapts to the SC thread. Ieal for all Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, many Maksutovs and the f/6.3 reducers.

♦ connection to the M48 thread: no adapter needed, this thread is already available

♦ connection to the T2-thread: the adapter TST2-M48L reduces the M48 thread to T2 and allows for connectiong to lenses and telescopes with male T2-thread.

Connection of the camera(s) or crosshair eyepiece

The TSOAG27 has a T2 thread at both connectors. Starting from the T2-thread, we offer all adaptions like

♦ reduction "TST2-1-T2s" to 1.25" for crosshair eypieces
♦ T2 rings for all common SLR cameras
♦ reduction "T2-CS" from T2 to C-mount
♦ different T2 extension tubes for fine tuning