RCC I, Rowe Coma Corrector

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RCC I, Rowe Coma Corrector

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  • Coma-Correktor

    The RCC I is designed to correct Coma in fast Newtonian imaging systems. It provides a long back-focus of 91.5 mm measured from the T-2-thread, enabling the use of Off-Axis Guiders, Adaptive Optics and Filter Wheels. Autoguiding can be done easily with the RCC, an RCC Off Axis Guider and an Autoguiding Camera.

    • The RCC works from f/3.5 to f/6 - it is perfect on f/4
    • reproduction scale is 1:1 - in contrast to many other coma correctors, the RCC is no Barlow lens which rely on a magnification to make the larger back-focus to the sensor possible
    • The RCC is the only coma corrector which gives you enough back-focus for filter wheels or other accessories without changing the focal ratio

    To attach the RCC directly to a camera (without an Off-Axis-Guider), we recommend the VariLock 46 T-2 Extension (# 2956946, T-2 part-no. #25V). It has got not only a graduated mm-scale, but also a marking at 36.5mm, to show you the perfect working distance for a DSLR with T-2-adapter. Each air/glass-surface of the triplet RCC optical system is coated with our Phantom Group Coating (R) for the best-possible transmission.

    You can remove the stopper ring to place the RCC deeper inside of your focuser. 

    Technical Data - Overview

    • reproduction scale: 1:1
    • recommended focal ratios: f/3.5 - f/6 (optimised for f/4)
    • Focal position (perfect distance to the sensor): 91.5 mm measured from the T-2 thread / 94.5 mm from the M48 thread
    • inner connection (lens side): 2" nosepiece with M48_i filter thread for 2" eyepiece filters
    • outer connection (telescope side): T2 (M 42 x 0.75_a; without the stop ring M 48_a)
    • longest overall depth: 73 mm / without the stop ring 75 mm / without the stop ring and RCC Off Axis Guider 84mm
    • Diameter of the housing: 50.8mm/2"