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ZWO M68 Off-Axis Guider


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ZWO M68 Off-Axis Guider

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The ZWO M68 Off-Axis Guider:

  • This M68 Off-Axis Guider is Lightweight and Exquisite. It has a thickness of 17.5 mm. The Prism size is 8 x 8 mm. Now you can connect your main imaging camera and guide camera simultaneously. There is no guide scope required!

    With its high-stability you will have a strong connection to your telescope.

    Connection methods of ASI6200MM Pro, 2-inch EFW and M68 OAG to get the best back-focus-length-solutions-55 mm:

    ZWO M68 Off-Axis Guider-dwg 


    Note: The ZWO-ASI6200MM Pro camera is the only ASI camera currently compatible with this OAG.


    How to connect an ASI6200MM Pro camera, a 2-inch EFW, and a M68 OAG together to get the best 55 mm back-focus solution.

    Per the diagram below: 1) an ASI6200MM Pro camera at 12.5 mm, 2) a 2-inch EFW at 20 mm, 3) a M68 OAG at 17.5 mm, and 4) a sensor tilt adapter (removed from the camera and attached to the OAG) at 5 mm, = 55 mm


    ZWO M68 Off-Axis Guider-DWG2

    How to connect ASI6200MM Pro camera to a 2-inch-EFW and a M68-OAG Image Note: Camera and Electronic Filter Wheel shown for demonstration purposes only, may be purchased individually. 


  • Specifications

    Back Focus 17.5 mm
    Camera/Eyepiece Side Connection Female M68x1
    Free Shipping Yes
    Length 17.5 mm
  • Included Items

    • Lightweight and Slim 17.5 mm thickness.
    • Prism size: 8 x 8 mm.
    • Connect the main imaging camera and the guide camera simultaneously. No guide scope required!
    • High-stability, strong connection to the telescope.