Baader S52 dovetail Camera-Adapter for Wide-T-rings (optical height: 2 mm)


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Baader S52 dovetail Camera-Adapter for Wide-T-rings (optical height: 2 mm

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Baader-UFC (Universal Filter Changer) the ever-growing filter chamber - general information:

The Baader UFC-System (Universal Filter Changer) closes a large gap. There is no filter chamber on the market with sufficiently large connection diameter which is so versatile useable for most diverse telescope and camera systems and at the same time, is very short, but also accepts filter sizes up to 50x50 mm without vignetting. Additionally, the absolutely level position of the filter is emphasized.

These properties are the condition for being able to operate the new, fast optics like SC/HD telescopes with Hyperstar, the new RASA instruments from Celestron and, for example, high-quality astrographs from TS-Optics with suitable filters. Besides flexibility, weight reduction and, of course, short design are among the main advantages compared to a filter wheel.

Versatile application for almost any telescope / any camera

For not limiting the system to the RASA, Baader offers adapters for both sides of the filter chamber, suitable for almost any cameras and telescope systems. The newly developed dovetail is extremely short and, due to large variety of adapters, various own adaptions and, of course, the connection to standard threads like M48 or M68, but also to 2" connectors, can be realised.

With an adapter to the SP54 connection, the filter chamber can be attached to almost any popular DSLR camera lens just by using filter thread adapter rings. For many amateurs, this is the first possibility for taking LRGB images with filters up to 50x50mm in front of telephoto lenses attached to astronomically usable DSLR or mirrorless system cameras.

The UFC system cann connect almost everything with everything, as one can purchase always the same base filter housing and then simply choose the necessary front and backplate of the UFC together with the distance rings as required by the respective chip distance.

All parts are optimzed for achieving the maximum possible clear aperture before the actual filter chamber and yet to be able to accurately adjust the matching distance between telescope and chip. As a result, the filter chamber itself is placed as closely to the camera as possible, vignetting due to the filters is minimized.

Type of adapter: Camera adapter, changer adapter
Optical tube length (mm): 2
Inner diameter / clear aperture (mm): 47.5
Outer diameter (mm): 89
Outer connection (eyepiece/camera-sided): Dovetail ring, S52
Weight: 54 g