ESATTO 3,5" LP low profile robotic focuser (PLLEST35LP) View larger

ESATTO 3,5" LP low profile robotic focuser (PLLEST35LP)


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ESATTO 3,5" LP low profile robotic focuser (PLLEST35LP)

Various adapters and accessories are available to allow the assembly of this item on your instrument, see PDF attached to this page.
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ESATTO 3,5" LP low profile robotic focuser (PLLEST35LP)

Searching for the best low profile motorized focuser with high payload capacity and large free aperture? The ESATTO 3,5” LP is the solution for all telescopes that, like astrographs, have low backfocus! The ESATTO 3,5” LP comes with all the most advanced technologies included in all our ESATTO focusers: USB-C port, ARCO rotator compatibility, WiFi connection, many optional cameras and telescopes adapters and PLAY astrophotography software!



 ESATTO 3,5 LP low profile robotic focuser



ESATTO 3,5” LP low profile robotic focuser - main features:

- Special low profile design for high load capacity (up to 10 kgs) and precision.

- Low profile with only32mm thickness.

- 10mm focuser travel with an incredible resolution of 0.01 microns per step!

- Special optional adapters to easily connect to many different telescopes.
Remotely controlled from EAGLE or any Windows computer, it's also provided with ASCOM driver.
USB-C connector offering greater reliability and can be connected to any USB type port thanks to the included cable.
- It works also with PLAY astrophotography software, much more than a standalone program.
- Remote control with WiFi from any smartphone, tablet or computer and ESATTO Virtual HandPad app for visual use!

-Many threaded camera adapters with stop ring on the camera side to rotate and keep the camera in the optical axis.

- ARCO port to easily connect the ARCO camera rotator and field de-rotator to the ESATTO without the need for additional USB or 12V power cables.

- Weight: 1150 gr.






The best low profile robotic focuser

The ESATTO 3,5” low profile robotic focuser has been designed to meet the most demanding requests of telescopes with low backfocus, like many astrographs. This way, with a body thickness of just 32mm, you can take advantage of a motorized focuser with a very large 90.0mm free aperture that is able to carry up 10 kg of imaging accessories.



 ESATTO 3,5 LP low profile robotic focuser



Designed to give your telescopes the best performances for astrophotography

The special design gives ESATTO 3,5” LP an impressive 10 kg (22 lb) of payload capacity with the focusing smoothness that is required by modern astrophotography techniques (eg. autofocusing with V-curve). ESATTO 3,5” LP has a draw tube with 90.0mm of free aperture, and 10mm of travel, offering to an incredible resolution of 0.01 microns per step!



 ESATTO 3,5 LP low profile robotic focuser



It comes with PLAY, the Prima Luce AstrophotographY software.

ESATTO 3,5” LP comes with PLAY, the astrophotography software developed by PrimaLuceLab in order to record beautiful pictures of the night sky in the simpler way and with the telescope, mount and other accessories you prefer! PLAY includes many features needed for astrophotography and it allows you to configurate your telescope by selecting OTA and mount provided with ASCOM drivers (tested with ASCOM platform 6.4 and later), control focus with ESATTO or SESTO SENSO 2 and camera rotation with ARCO. In order to use PLAY you have to have at least ESATTO focuser or SESTO SENSO 2 focusing motor and, if you install PLAY in the EAGLE computer, it automatically adds more advanced features!



ESATTO 3,5 LP low profile robotic focuser



Many adapters available to connect to telescopes and cameras

ESATTO 3,5” LP draw tube travel moves on the telescope side and different optional pre-made adapters are already available to connect to different telescopes. If you can’t find the adapter for your telescope, in the user manual you find the dimensions of the telescope side adapter so you can manufacture your custom adapter. On the camera side, ESATTO 3,5” LP has a M98x1 female thread and, through a complete series of optional camera adapters with stop ring, it allows you to directly connect cameras or to the ARCO rotator. The stop ring allows you to lock the camera at a precise angle to better frame the object.



 ESATTO 3,5 LP low profile focuser



Connect with a single cable to ARCO to remotely control also the camera rotator and field de-rotator

ESATTO includes a special port allowing ARCO, the camera rotator and field de-rotator, to be directly connected. With ARCO, you can remotely control the rotation angle of your camera in order to achieve perfect framing of the object you want to record. If you have an alt-az mount, you can use ARCO to de-rotate the field without the need of an equatorial wedge! By connecting ESATTO 3,5” LP to ARCO 3” you will have a rotating focuser in just 58.5mm of thickness and 76.3mm of free aperture.



 ESATTO 3,5 LP low profile focuser