Refractor Achromatic 152/900 Tecnosky V3

Lunette Tecnosky 152/900

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Refractor Achromatic 152/900 Tecnosky V3

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Refractor Achromatic 152/900 Tecnosky V3

Tecnosky offers for a very attractive price, a large achromatic refractor with a diameter of 152mm and a focal length of 900mm (F6).

 The use of high refractive index in Ohara glasses is able to reduce the chromaticism that usually, with this focal ratio, becomes important.

 The large aperture and very short focal length of this telescope lends itself well to deep sky observation at low magnification. With large-field eyepieces, the deep sky  and open clusters are composed of thousands of very sharp points.

 Another area where this refractor is doing very well is deep sky photography through narrow band filters such as H-alpha, H-beta, SII, and so on. In this case, the chromatism is not disturbing because cut largely by the filters.

By obscuring a few centimeters or using optical filters that attenuate the secondary spectrum, it can be used profitably, even for lunar and planetary observations.

The tube is made entirely of aluminum with diafragms inside.

The cap is smooth and protects the cell from external dust.

New 2.5 "rack-and-pinion focuser., the fit is done micrometrically with a gear ratio 1:10

Comes with a pair of solid rings with handle and a dovetail



Technical characteristics :


- Doublet in Ohara glasses K9 and F4 in a collimated cell. All surfaces are FMC treated


- Aluminum intubation with internal baffles (diaphragm) and perfect opacity. Retractable dew shield with locking screw.