Barlow Tecnosky Apo 2X 31,8mm

Barlow Tecnosky

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Barlow Tecnosky Apo 2X 31,8mm

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Barlow Tecnosky Apo 2X 31,8mm

Tecnosky presents a barlow Apochromatic 2X of excellent optical quality but and a price really accessible to all!
The choice of a barlow lens is a critical and delicate operation because if the lens is not of excellent quality, it degrades the performance of the telescope.

Before proposing this product, we carried out numerous tests on the optical bench and also in the field in practice with direct comparisons of famous barlow lenses of undisputed quality.
The triplet of Tecnosky had an extremely good result as contrast of the image and also as almost total absence of the reflections.
The three optical elements that make up the barlow have been multilayered and anti-reflective, the inside of the aluminum tube is threaded and blackened to further minimize reflectivity.
The eyepieces (31.75 mm, 1.25 ") are locked with a brass blade so they do not damage the fluid of the eyepiece itself.
Thread in the 31.8 mm flange is also present to accept 1.25 "screw-in filters