Ibis 82 HD 45 ° binoculars

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Ibis 82 HD 45 ° binoculars

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Ibis 82 HD 45 ° binoculars 

IBIS presents a new angled binoculars of exquisite workmanship with 82mm objectives and 45° angled prisms.
The IBIS HD82 is composed of two high refraction optical doublets with semi-apo performance; even the use of quality prisms increases the performance compared to the previous models, allowing observations even at 50 / 60x magnifications with very low chromatism and high contrast!
The magnesium alloy hull is sturdy but light and reduces the weight of the binoculars to just 4.5kg!
Exceptional binoculars for all types of observation ... from birdwatching to high magnifications of distant animals, to the observation of Saturn's rings and craters on the Moon up to "brushing" the Milky Way in search of extended nebulae!
A pair of 18mm Ultra Flat Field eyepieces with a 65 ° field and a magnification of 26X are supplied.

Technical features:

82mm doublet with high refraction glasses
Semi-apo performance
Magnifications included 26x
Interchangeable eyepieces
focal length 470mm
weight 4.5kg
Length 44cm
Width 19cm