Prism of Herschel 1.25 inch

Prisme de Herschel Tecnosky 1,25

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Prism of Herschel 1.25 inch

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Prism of Herschel 1.25 inch

This prism of Herschel fully reflects the objectives sought by Tecnosky for his articles, namely quality and fair price!
The body is entirely made of anodized aluminum with slots in the back to dissipate the heat produced by the sun's energy.
The prism contains high quality glass and provides detailed and contrasting images of the solar photosphere.
Combined with a good refractor, you will be able to see irregular sunspots (shadow and penumbra), faculae and granulation.
Inside the body of the angled return is installed an ND3 filter with green interference treatment with a peak between 510 and 550 nm; this treatment makes the details of the sun's surface much more contrasted!
We also offer a circular polarizing filter which, when screwed on the eyepiece, allows you to fine-tune the sunlight to be observed
On the 31.8 mm eyepiece holder, there is also a M42x0.75 mm thread for directly mounting a planetary or reflex camera.
Remember that the Herschel prism is the safest instrument for observing the sun in white light, but it can only be used with refractors.
We recommend this product for refractories up to a diameter of 130 mm. Beyond this diameter, it is best to choose 2-inch models