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ZWO Mini Guider Scope

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Depending on availability from the supplier. Please contact us for more information.

107.00 CHF tax incl.

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  • Once attached to your ASI astro-imaging camera and a computerized mount controller, you will be able to guide your telescope to a desired area of the sky and lock it onto a specific star to hold your images stable.


    The optical lens is made of two simple lenses paired together to bring your images to focus and reduce chromatic aberrations.


    The aperture of this mini-guide scope is only 30 mm (1.18-inches), the focal length is 120 mm, making this a fast focal ratio of f/4. The tube can travel 20 mm, and the back focus is also adjustable from 0 to 20 mm. The overall tube length is 122.5 mm, with the final 3.5 mm being the length from where the camera connection threads begin. The inside diameter of the tube is 30.5 mm. The outside diameter is 44 mm. Your camera connection will be M42*0.75.

    Total weight including the guider ring and dovetail: 250 g (0.55 pounds).

  • specifications

    Aperture 30 mm (1.18")
    Back Focus 0 to 20mm
    Camera/Eyepiece Connection M42x0.75
    Dawes Limit 3.87 arcseconds
    Focal Length 120 mm
    Focal Ratio f/4
    Hightest Magnification 60x
    Light Gathering Power 18x
    Tube Length 122.5mm
    Weight 0.55 lb (250 g)
  • included items

    • 30 mm mini guide scope.
    • Dovetail with mounting ring (one-fourth-inch screw hole)