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QHY5-III 485C Colour


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QHY-5-III-485C Planetary and All Sky Camera

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QHY-5-III-485C Planetary and All Sky Camera


Large Sensor Size

The QHY5III485C has 4 times the area of the smaller QHY5-III-462C and 4 times the number of pixels. In area, it is the same size as the popular IMX174 sensor but with back- illumination and higher resolution. The generous field of view provided by this larger sensor makes it ideal for solar and lunar imaging whereas the smaller, faster QHY5-III-462C with its enhanced IR response is superior for imaging planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.


High QE and sHCG

While the QHY5-III-485C does not have the extended near IR response of the QHY5-III-462C, it does have sHGC (Super High Cain Conversion) for exceptionally low (less than 1e-) read noise. For solar and lunar imaging, the NIR response is not required but the ability to take multiple short exposures in H-alpha light is ideal for solar use and making movies of solar prominences, arcs and eruptions. 


Combination All Sky Camera

The QHY5III485C standard package includes a 2.5mm Fisheye lens that converts the planetary camera into a high-resolution, 8.3 Megapixel All Sky camera with 180-degree field of view. 

Ultra Low Readout Noise

1.0e- to 2.4e- in standard mode. In sHGC mode, the readout noise is reduced further to 0.6e- to 1.09e-



Other Performance Highlights

  • 8.3MP (3840x2160)
  • 2.9um pixel size
  • Back side Illuminated STARVIS
  • Max frame rate in 2160p of 90fps @ 8bit
  • 12 bit ADC (output as 16 bit or 8 bit file)

QHY5-III Series Standard Features

  • QHYCCD proprietary noise reduction technology
  • Amp-glow suppression technology
  • Free of vertical or horizontal banding
  • State of the art Sony CMOS sensor
  • USB3 high speed interface
  • 5 pin LEMO aerospace grade guiding port (ST-4 compatible)
  • Grooved heat sink for effective passive cooling
  • Standard 1.25" barrel design

QHY5-III is a third generation QHYCCD USB3.0 camera utilising state of the art CMOS sensor with sophisticated thermal design in a compact form. The well acclaimed 1.25" eyepiece barrel design is retained and with grooved heatsink to enhance passive cooling. 

Apart from the state of the art sensor, the QHY5-III is equipped with aerospace grade guiding port, i.e. the 5 pin LEMO port which provides highly reliable connection. This is a feature only available on premium camera where manufacturers really care about its customers. 


  • QHY5-III 485 Colour x1
  • 2.5mm All Sky Lens x1
  • All Sky Lens Adapter x1
  • USB3.0 cable x1
  • Autoguiding cable x1
  • Focus position locking (parfocal) ring x1






CMOS Sensor


Pixel Size

2.9um x 2.9um

Effective Pixel Area

3864 x 2180

Effective Pixels

8.4 Megapixels

Full Well Capacity


Readout Noise

1.0e- to 2.4e- Standard Mode, 0.6e- to 1.09e- sHGC Mode

AD Sample Depth

8-bit/12-bit (output as 8-bit and 16-bit)

Sensor Size

Typical 1/1.2 inch

Full Frame Rate

Full Resolution 44 FPS@8-bits, 18.5 FPS @ 16-bits (USB3.0 Port)

ROI Frame Rate

78.5FPS @1200 lines, 87 FPS @ 1080 lines, 91.5 FPS @ 1024 lines, 97.5 FPS @ 960 lines, 121 FPS @ 768 lines, 190 FPS @ 480 lines 

Exposure Time Range

10us - 300sec

Shutter Type

Electronic Rolling Shutter

Computer Interface


Guide Port


Telescope Interface

1.25-inch with CS mount threads (C-mount adapter included)

Optical Window

UV/IR cut and AR coated