Caméra Apogee Alta Alta F42-MB grade 1 View larger

Caméra Apogee Alta F42-MB grade 1

Apogee Alta F42 G1

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Caméra Apogee Alta F42-MB grade 1

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Caméra Apogee Alta F42-MB grade 1

Features :

High resolution sensors - Sensors up to 16.8 Megapixel, offering large field of view at high resolution

Programmable TE cooling to 50 °C below ambient - Ideal for detection of weak chemiluminescence or astronomy images, enabling long exposure acquisitions with optimized signal to noise ratio

High Dynamic Range - Large pixel sensor variants offer extended intrascene quantification of weak and bright objects

16-bit digitization - High photometric accuracy

In built shutter - Shutter during readout and take dark reference frames - 25, 43mm or 63mm.

USB 2.0 - Direct ‘Plug and Play’ connectivity

Programmable I/O port - Synchronization with intricate experimental set-ups

Remote triggering - LVTTL input allows exposure to start within 25 microseconds of rising edge of trigger

Focusing mode - Faster readout option, ideal for focus optimization

Andor OEM optimization - Compact and robust, Andor integration support, Andor quality enhancement, Andor post-sale support. Now also supported by 'Andor SDK3'

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