Tecnosky Horizon Binocular 1.25"

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Tecnosky Horizon Binocular 1.25"

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Tecnosky Horizon Binocular 1.25"

The Bino is both prism/mirror design, and yes it has inside a corrector. 

It is a new turret design with 1:1 magnification and It doesn't need OCS to reach the focus on newton and refractors.
We called it "Horizon" because it opens new horizons who wants to use a binoview on newton telescopes and refractors.
Who use these instruments knows well how difficult is reach the focus on a binoview with low power (or it is almost impossible) , it is necessary "cut the tube" or use big and expensive correctors...... but now it is no more necessary!
With Horizon binovew you can observe galaxies, clusters and other deepsky objects with a 400mm F/4,5 dobson at only 100 x with a pair of 18mm wide field eyepieces or observer at only 50x with  a  150 F/6 achromat!
We recommend for this Bino our 60 degrees APM Flat eyepieces with focal lengths between 10mm and 18mm.

Delivered with:

  • Bino
  • Case


Eyepiece Adapter:
Prism system:
New prism/mirror optical design
Rotatable diopter adjustment
eye relief:
58 mm - 74 mm
24.9 oz.
Unobstructed diameter: