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LUNT B1200d2 BlockingFilter in star-diagonal 2"

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LUNT B1200d2 BlockingFilter in star-diagonal 2"

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LUNT B1200d2 BlockingFilter in star-diagonal 2"

Blocking-filter in 90° star diagonal, for telescopes up to 1080mm focal length, and with 2" focuser. Can only be used together with a LUNT H-alpha filter, or with a LUNT H-alpha telescope!

Lunt Solar Systems offers blocking-filters in different sizes, and alternatively in 90° star-diagonal housings or straight extension tubes. You can choose what blocking-filter you will use at your LUNT H-alpha Etalon system.

The B1200d2 is installed in a 90° star-diagonal housing, for 2" focuser on the telescope side, and with T2 thread and 1.25" eyepiece connection on the eyepiece side. The B1200d2 can be used at LUNT H-alpha systems, if the used telescope has a 2" focuser and up to 1080mm focal length.

The blocking-filter can not be used without additional H-alpha filter system from Lunt Solar Systems! Blocking-filters are absolutely required for the safety and performance of H-alpha telescopes for solar observing. Lunt Solar Systems blocking-filters contain a unique filter system. We can only warranty safety or performance, if blocking-filter is paired with a H-alpha filter or H-alpha telescope of Lunt Solar Systems.


  • Blocking-filter only usable at additional H-alpha filter system
  • Filter diameter: 12mm
  • Usable at telescopes up to 1080mm focal
  • 90° star-diagonal housing
  • 2" slide tube for 2" focuser
  • Connection for 1.25" eyepieces
  • T2 thread for camera connection


  • Blocking-filter B1200d2 in 90° star-diagonal for 2" focuser