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Eyepieces Flat Field Tecnosky 19 mm

Oculaire Flat Field 19 mm

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Eyepieces Tecnosky Flat Field 19 mm

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Eyepieces Tecnosky Flat Field 19 mm, 1.25"

"I am impressed at just how "clean" the image is, with the background sky being black right up to the planet. With my 102mm/F7.75 doublet apochromat, bright stars show up as lovely jewels. Orange, white, or bluish white, all bright stars had nice saturated colors. Airy discs were perfectly round with no comet tails. I also saw an improvement in edge definition on f/6 scopes or longer. 

David Elosser, Cloudynights Reviews "

Apparent field of 65° for focal length 19mm