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Eyepieces TS 1.25" and 2" 8 mm

TSEXP8 8mm 1.25" / 2"

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  • ED element and all multi-coated surfaces: In the Expanse series it is an integrated ED element for extremely high color purity. In addition, in this series all surfaces are air-glass, "FMC" (entirely Multy coated). They offer higher contrast, better transparency and sharpness
    1.25 "and 2" (31.75 and 50.8mm)

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The Expanse TS eyepieces have a threaded connection M43 x 0.75. Simply unscrew the eyecup. We naturally offer the adapter suitable for T2. Model: Hyp-T220 (Photo 3 optional). Can be used with a SLR camera directly screwed onto the eyepiece. We also offer adaptations for many digital cameras.

The advantage - everything is screwed and perfectly in the axis for optimal sharpness (HypT220)

Adaptations 1.25 "and 2" of the eyepieces TS Expanse:
The TS Expanse eyepieces have a 1.25 "adapter and a 2" connector. This offers you to use the eyepieces with 2 "eyeglass doors without exchanging the 2" by 1.25 "which is annoying and the eyepieces can also always stay on telescopes.Extanse eyepieces are not difficult to attach focus .

Glasses with a large diameter for Eyes:
All Expanse TS eyepieces have an extremely wide lens diameter and a long 20mm eye relief. Even eyeglass wearers can enjoy the eyepieces!
The complete series is particularly useful in Expanse knowledge.
In addition, these eyepieces are ideal for photography with DSLR or compact digital cameras.

- Focal Length: 8 mm
- Field of view: 70 °
- Eye relief: 20mm - adjustable eye
- Threaded connection Photo: M43 - T2 adapter (HypT220)
- Stem diameter -: 1.25 "with filter thread and adapter for 2"