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Pillar Tripod Support for EQ6 Mount

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Pillar Tripod Support for EQ6 Mount

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Pillar Tripod Support for EQ6 Mount

his pedestal is a straight column on three legs with wheels and anchors, with platinum mount Skywatcher EQ6, N-EQ6, EQ6 and Orion AZ-ATLAS.

It allows to easily use telescope are large when the approach (depending on the target subject) of the original tripod feet and therefore frees a large space around the frame. It also provides greater rigidity to the assembly and improved vibration damping.

Mounted on wheels and having horizontality and anchoring adjusting screw, it moves the instrument mounted on it easily and to move rapidly to left.

Characteristics :

  • White colour
  • Height: 81cm
  • Feet Length: 42 cm
  • Column diameter: about 10cm
  • Column Weight (without legs): 10.7 kg
  • Total weight: 18.3 kg