10 Micron GM 2000 QCI 'Ultraport' GoTo mount (equatorial head only)

10MICRON (1452000U)

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10 Micron GM 2000 QCI 'Ultraport' GoTo mount (equatorial head only)

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10 Micron GM 2000 QCI 'Ultraport' GoTo mount (equatorial head only)

Since Gibt's nothing to shake! This "Italian beauty" has it all! An extremely stable and very exact mechanics and most advanced electronics and software allow for the ambitious Astrophotographers nothing to be desired! Drive technology from the professional engineering causes a very accurate tracking no backlash with a guaranteed average error of <+/- 3 arcseconds. Thanks to an iterative process allows the mount in minutes Einnorden so accurate that Deep Sky Astrophotography without Guiding with short focal length astrographs is possible. Tripods and Baader counterweights for GM 2000 QCI / GM 4000 QCI can be found on the accessories page.

Electronic control QCI

10Micron is the only manufacturer of its mounts a "standalone" electronic "begrudge" that replaces the laptop / PC: Per AMD microprocessor control provides a LINUX firmware via the hand controller an extensive functionality. For example, a "T-Point" similar function for extreme positioning in the range of a few arcseconds. Comet and satellite orbits and calculate tracken - without PC: no problem! The extensive internal database is constantly expanding and can be updated via the Internet. The controller can be upgraded to the new firmware V2.7 QCI.


The GM 2000 QCI is produced in two versions: as stationary "Monolith" - mount, or with quick coupling between declination and right ascension, as trans- portable version ("Ultra Port"). This weighs no more than 15kg of the mount - a big advantage if you (still) have to be mobile. Furthermore, there are all matching accessories, such as airworthy carrying case, tripod bag, and top panels and prism terminals for (almost) all dovetail systems.


Choose between the extroverted FireRed, an intense DeepSky Blue or restrained steel-gray. In each version, the quality is the same.

The delivery time for the GM 2000 QCI is approximately 2 months. The standard color is steel gray. Ferrari red or DeepSky Blue are available on request with longer delivery time. If you are contemplating a solid formation in an observatory, 100kg steel columns are available at any desired height and matching Flanschköpfe surcharge. Just ask us - we will gladly advise you!


  • Mount GM 2000 Achskreuz
  • QCI Electronic control box
  • Hand control and all the cables (incl. Software routine for precise Poljustage)
  • Counterweight bar



Type Go-To-Montierung
Designation GM2000 QCI Ultraport
Max. additional load capacity (kg) 50
Polar elevation setting (°) 22-66
Motor speeds 0,5
Position precision +/- 3
Material of worm gear Steel
Material of worm wheel Aluminium hubs with bronze worm wheels
Counterweight(s) (piece) 6 kg and 8 kg available
Diameter of counterweight bar (mm) 40
Language German
Power supply 24
Material of counterweights Steel

Special features

GoTo system yes
Size suitable for hand luggage -
Pole finder -


Tripod <p> without tripod


Tripod material Carbon / Stahl (Optional)
Tripod weight (kg) 25(Edelstahl) oder 16(Carbon)


Colour gray
Total weight (kg) 28,6
Series QCI