Skywatcher - Equinox-80 ED Refractor OTA

Réfracteur Equinox ED 80 mm

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Skywatcher - Equinox-80 ED Refractor OTA

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Skywatcher - Equinox-80 ED Refractor OTA

kywatcher - Equinox-80 ED Refractor OTA

The Equinox 80 is another excellent choice for birding, nature study, and photography. Its fast, high-contrast optics and generous field of view make it an ideal instrument for studying larger clusters and star fields, and it is a proven performer for astrophotography - you can even use it with a common SCT focal reducer to achieve speeds down to f/4.5! But don´t be afraid to push up the magnification, too. Its crisp optics make it a strong performer on tight double stars, and it provides crisp, clear lunar and planetary images with no images with no image breakdown, even at high powers.

Schott Glass used in selected Models for Crown Element

Equinox 80 benefit from the inclusion of Schott glass being used for the positive front Crown element in the objective. Schott is the recognized world leader in glass utilized for precision optical lens systems, including medical instrumentation, and famous-brand camera lenses. While Schott glass is only used in selected models, all other models utilize top-quality, Grade-A glass from perhaps less famous but, nonetheless, highly respected, high-quality glass manufacturers.

Metallic High-Transmission Lens Coatings

Each air-to-glass lens surface has exotic anti-reflection metallic coatings applied to ensure optimum light through-put of approaching 99.5% The proprietary Sky-Watcher "Metallic High-Transmission Coatings" (MHC) are the finest photon anti-rejection coatings in their class.

Standard Features:

D = 80 mm , fast , flat f/6.2 , F=500
Razor sharp , colour-free , high contrast optics.
Retractable aluminium dewshields.
Removeable L-shape bracket for easy mounting on any camera tripod.
Perfect for astronomy, birding and terrestrial use.
Fast speeds and flat fields for widefield astrophotography.
Aluminium carrying case for safe, easy transportation.

High-Precision Indexed Focuser:

Dual-Speed machined Crayford Focuser. 360-degree adjustable for easy framing of objects for photography. Graduated scale on drawtube for fast and precise focusing with CCD or DSLR cameras.

Whatever your application, we´re sure that Sky-Watcher Equinox refractors will meet and exceed your most demanding performance requirements with their superior mechanics, high portability and razor-sharp colour-free optics.

Delivery contains:

  • Optical Tube 80 mm f6,25
  • Aluminium Case


Type of telescope:
Doublet ED-Apochromat
Doublet ED-Apo
Tube material:
80 mm
Focal ratio:
Focal length:
Limit value:
11.3 mag
Max. useful visual power:
160 x
2" Crayford with 1:10 Micro Focusing
Connection to eyepiece:
2" / 1 1/4" with adapter
Tube diameter:
105 mm
Transportation length:
540 mm
Tube weight:
6,4 lb
Aluminium case