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Réfracteur APO TS Optics AP 65/420 Imaging Star OTA (quadruplet)

Lunette APO quadruplet 65/420

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Refractour APO TS Optics 65/420 Imaging Star OTA

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TS Imaging Star 65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph - 65 mm aperture / 420 mm focal length

... 4-element Apo telescope with field correction for astro photography - 2" RP focuser - FPL 53 glass

The TS Quadruplet Astrograph 65mm f/6.5 of the TS Imaging Star Line offers a highly corrected focal plane for astro photography and is therefore an interesting alternative e.g. to the Takahashi FS-60 or the Pentax 75 SDHF. It is fine crafted and optimal for mobile deep-sky imaging featuring a minimum mechanical length of 340 mm (with retracted dew cap). Image quality on- and off axis is perfect and the very low chromatic abberation allows a visual magnification range up to 150x.

TS APO 65 Quadruplet advantages:

  • fully corrected triplet lens group for colour-free imaging
  • integrated field flattener (4th lens) for a corrected fiels up to full-size sensors
  • optimized flattener position inside the tube for best effect
  • 2" dual speed focuser for high loads - no slipping, no shifting
  • 360° rotation possibilitiy for ideal framing
  • CNC tube rings
  • finder shoe (Vixen/Celesstron/Skywatcher compatible)

2" Rack and Pinion focuser:

This focuser combines the advantages of a rack & pinion focuser with an improved bearing system. A Crayford design has its optimal stiffness only when the drive shaft is pressed firmly against the rail - this causes bucky operation. The fine machined cograil allows smooth focusing even under heavy loads up to 3 kg. 

The focuser also features a 2" and 1.25" receptacle with brass compression rings. 2" accessory is locked by two thumbscrews - this prevents tilting.

The 65mm Quadruplet's optical system - four lenses in two groups:

For this lens system FPL-53 glass is used for optimal colour correction. Stars are free of colour fringes and halos which may occur with camera-side corrector applications. 

The fixed internal ED flattener causes an optimal image correction for sensor with a diagonal up to 44 mm. With a separate lens brought into the focuser, this can hardly be reached. This highly corrected system is additionally supported by a adequate baffling system.

Delivery with:

  • TS Quadruplet Astrograph 65mm f/6,5
  • 2" RP Focuser
  • CNC tube rings
  • finder shoe (Vixen/Celesstron/Skywatcher compatible)


Type of telescope:
Quadruplet Apo Refractor
Quadruplet Apo with Flattener
black / white
Tube material:
65 mm
Focal ratio:
Focal length:
420 mm
Limit value:
11.6 mag
Max. useful visual power:
130 x
2" Rack and Pinion Focuser with Micro Focusing
Connection to eyepiece:
2" / 1 1/4" with adapter
Finder base, not finder included
Transportation length:
340 mm
Dewcap diameter:
88 mm
Tube weight:
6.2 lb incl. Tuberings
Eyepiece adapter:
to 2" and 1.25"