Tecnosky Goliath 210/1200

Lunette achromatique tecnosky

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Tecnosky Goliath 210/1200

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Tecnosky proposes a giant achromatic refractor for deep-sky observation and narrow-band photography.

The optic consists of a doublet lenses  espaced air and multilayer treatmentanti-reflection , the lenses are embedded in a robust collimable aluminum cell.

The intubation is made in Italy, in 3mm anti-corrosive aluminum with internal diaphragms.

The focuser is a sturdy 2,7 ​​"Titanium Tecnosky.

Instead of two rings, it was decided to use two sturdy mid-moon supports to reduce weight but without reducing the efficiency

The overall weight of the instrument is only 17kg

Our tests have confirmed a very good global optical correction and a manageable chromaticity on the Moon and planets with a Baader Semi Apo filter.

Despite being a telescope for medium-low magnification on deep-sky, however, it provided us with a detailed view of the Moon and Jupiter at 170x (visible bands and red spots)

This refractor is very well suited to be transformed into a gigantic telescope h-alpha, for example with a Daystar Quark filter; we can use the 75mm Baader Erf with aluminum cell to be mounted internally

Available also with 1800mm focal length