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Product description:

G2-series of small format CCD-cameras uses high sensitive, low noise OnSemi Full-Frame and Interline-Transfer CCD detectors.

While high-speed USB 2.0 interface allows plug-and-play operation and ensures download time within a few seconds, optional Ethernet interface provides camera connection to practically unlimited distance. Advanced analog electronics ensures uniform frames without artifacts and very low read noise. Efficient, regulated two-stage Peltier cooling keeps detectors frozen to minimize dark current. Compact and robust camera head integrates all electronics, mechanical shutter and optional internal filter wheel. Various threaded and bayonet adapters enable attaching of the camera to almost any optical system and numerous accessories like autoguiding cameras, off-axis guider adapters, external filter wheel etc. allow tailoring of the imaging system to almost every application.

All members of the G2 series share the same design, making them powerful research and imaging tools:

  • Lowest possible read noise, limited by CCD detector itself
  • High dynamic range, 16-bits digitization
  • Compact camera head, small and lightweight enough to be attached even to small telescopes
  • Integrated mechanical shutter not to bother with covering the telescope when taking dark frames
  • Optional integrated filter wheel
  • Plug and play installation
  • Rich software support



Sensor type CCD-chip (Kodak KAF-8300)
Resolution Photograph (Pixel) 3358 x 2536
Megapixel 8,5
Flange focal distance (mm) 16,5
Active cooling yes
Pixel size 4,5
Connection (to the telescope) M48
Colour camera no
Size of chip (mm) 18,1 x 13,7
Full Well Capacity 25000
Antiblooming yes
Reading noise 9
Microlenses yes
Dark current 200
Max. cooling difference below room temperature 45
Interfaces USB 2.0
Quantal efficiency 54% @500nm


Carrying cases yes
Power pack yes
Filter wheel no


Series G2
Weight (g) 1050

Area of application

AllSky, Meteore no
Autoguider yes
Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes