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QHY12 Camera Color

Caméra CCD QHY12 color

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QHY12 Camera Color

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QHY12 Camera Color

The color camera ALccd-QHY 12 is the model of this series with the smallest pixels (5.12μm).

It is comparable in size to a digital SLR (DSLR), but offers many advantages over a mirror reflex:

  • The DSLR is designed for daytime photography and has a built in the red light (H-alpha) blocking filter before the chip. However, the blocking of the long-wave light is not desired in astrophotography. The frequently encountered H-alpha line (gas mist) is almost not registered by the DSLR at all. The ALccd QHY camera has a different filter and is sensitive over the entire range of approximately 350 to 700 nm.
  • Almost all commercially available DSLRs work with a data depth of 12 bit, ie 4,096 gray levels. This is not optimal in astrophotography. The ALccd QHY cameras have the full data volume of 16 bit. The advantages are apparent. Under the same conditions, they achieve a better differentiation between light and dark, a higher star size and a much better color differentiation.
  • The ALccd-QHY camera does not require an optional T-ring for attachment to the telescope, scope or microscope because a matching T-thread is already integrated in the housing.

Other advantages:

  • The camera is designed to suppress icing of the chip or cover window (moisture trap).
  • Due to the readout procedure (two field readout) no mechanical closure is necessary.
  • Compared to other CCD cameras, the camera impresses with its small and lightweight housing. The Okularauszug is thereby little burdened.

The camera can lower the temperature of the sensor to about minus 40 ° ambient temperature via an advanced cooling and housing . The temperature is controlled via the supplied DC201 control box and via the control software of the camera.


  • Camera head with T2 thread (M42x0.75)
  • Rotation / Tilt Adapter
  • DC converter box DC-201 and connection cable
  • USB cable
  • Software and drivers



Colour camera yes
Active cooling yes
Flange focal distance (mm) 20 (23 with Tiltadapter)
Connection (to the telescope) T2
Max. cooling difference below room temperature 40
Binning 1x1, 2x2, 4x4
Full Well Capacity 32.000
Antiblooming yes
Bit depth (Bit) 16
Reading noise 8
Max. exposure time (min) 160
Min. exposure time 0,02
Quantal efficiency 60%
Megapixel 12
Microlenses yes
Resolution Photograph (Pixel) 4610 x 3080
Sensor type CCD-chip (Sony Super HAD)
Pixel size 5,12

Special features

Infrared filters yes (Blocking filters)


Series Cooled CCD Color
Weight (g) 400
Diameter (mm) 63
Length (mm) 129