Caméra CCD QHY9 kaf8300 Monochrome with filters weel 5p 36 mm

QHY9 kaf 8300 M filters 36 mm

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Caméra CCD QHY9 kaf8300 Monochrome with filters weel 5p 36 mm

 Sensor: Kodak KAF 8300 Chip diagonal 22.5 m (4/3 format)

♦ 3448 x 2574 Pixels - 8.9 Mpixels

♦ Pixel size 5.4 µm x 5.4 µm

♦ Filter wheel CFW2-S for 5x 36 mm filters is included in scope of delivery

♦ powerful TE cooling

♦ 16 bit A/D conversion


♦ high sensitivity, little noise

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Caméra CCD QHY9 kaf8300 Monochrome with filters weel 5p 36 mm


♦ high sensitivity
♦ little noise
♦ little dark current
♦ fast data transmission
♦ large chip area
♦ compact and lightweight case
♦ powerful software
♦ user´s manual
♦ hard- and software support


A temperature of up to 50 °C below ambient can be set via camera control software.

Filter wheel CFW2-S included in scope of delivery:

From now on, we will deliver the ALccd-QHY 9 bundled with the new CFW2-S filter wheel for five vignetting-free 36 mm inlay filters!

Control Software:

CCDCap is easy to use even for beginners in astrophotography and supports all features of the camera. Drivers for MSB AstroArt and MaxIm DL are also included.


Sensor: Kodak KAF-8300 s/w Full Frame Standard Grade
Sensor size, active: 17.96 mm x 13.52 mm (diagonal 22.5 mm)
Total pixels: 3448*2574 (8.9 mega pixel)
Effective pixels: 3358*2536 (8.6 mega pixel)
Active pixels: 3326*2504(8.3 mega pixel)
Pixel Size: 5.4 µm * 5.4 µm
FullWell: 25.5 Ke-
Imager Size: 17.96 mm (H) x 13.52 mm (V) 4/3inch
Readout noise: 8e- to 10e-(Typic @1Mpixel/s)
Preview Speed: 3 Mpixel/s (3sec download time)
Download Speed: 1 Mpixel/s (9sec download time)
Peak QE: 56% @540nm and 48% @H-alpha
Chip surface: with microlensing
ABG: 1000X
Conversion: 16bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
Control interface: USB2.0 High Speed
Buffer: Build in 32MBytes SDRAM buffer
Binning Modes: No Bin(1*1), 2*2,3*3,4*4
Additional Port: communication port to QHY color wheel
Cooling: Improved 2-stage TEC cooling max -50 °C below ambient
Heat sink: Improved heat sink for KODAK CCD
Temperature measurement: Built-in temp sensor and 16bit high precision ADC
Control Electronics: DC201 DC adapter & TEC Controller, Regulated
Filter protection: Multi-coated optical glass
Built-in Shutter: Mechanical shutter for full frame CCD
Dew Protection: Built-in heater to avoid dew on CCD optic windows in very high humity
Case: fully airproof with two 4.0 mm air sockets
Weight: 510 g
Distance from the T2 thread to the sensor: 15 mm without glass and 27 mm with glass
Filter wheel carousel: For 5x 36 mm filters (unmounted)
Optical path of the filter wheel: 15.5 mm