QHY9 Monochrome CCD Camera with 5 Position 50mm Filter Wheel

QHY9 kaf 8300 M filtres 50.8 mm

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QHY9 Monochrome CCD Camera with 5 Position 50mm Filter Wheel

The QHY9 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and we are out of stock. QHY has replaced the QHY9 with the QHY163

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QHY9 Monochrome CCD Camera with 5 Position 50mm Filter Wheel

QHY9 Monochrome CCD Camera with KAF-8300 Sensor
with Stand-Alone 5 Position 50mm Filter Wheel

If you're looking for a classic monochrome camera with a tried-and-true sensor, check out the QHY9! This lightweight, cooled camera uses the super popular Kodak KAF-8300 full frame sensor. Its 4/3 format makes the KAF-8300 a great choice for a wide range of telescopes, and the peak quantum efficiency of 56% (and 48% in Ha) is perfect for deep sky.

The QHY9 has two-stage regulated TEC cooling that can reach -50C below ambient for outstanding thermal noise control. Other features include a built-in heater that helps keep dew from forming on the sensor window, a mechanical shutter, and a built-in ST-4 style guide port. The small size and weight of the camera also makes the QHY9 a nice choice for HyperStar imaging.

Included QHY Medium Filter Wheel - 5 Position for 50mm Filters

QHY has included their motorized 5-position color filter wheel for 2" or 50mm unmounted filters as part of this package. A wide range of filters are available separately. The QHY Medium CFW has a gear driven disk and will also accept an optional carousel that holds up to seven 36mm unmounted filters.

QHY9 Specifications

    • Sensor: Kodak KAF-8300

    • Optical Format: 4/3 Full Frame

    • Active Pixels: 3326 x 2504

    • Pixel Size: 5.4um

    • Sensor Size: 17.96mm x 13.52mm

    • Max Cooling: -50C below ambient

    • ADC Resolution: 16 bit with CDS and Preamp

    • ABG: -1000X

    • Readout Noise: 8-10e - Typical 1Mpixel/s

    • Full Well Capacity: 25.5ke-

    • Binning: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4

    • Download Speed: 1Mpixel/s (9 second download time

    • Microlensing? Yes

    • Shutter: Mechanical

    • USB: 2.0

    • Guide Port: Built-in, ST4 type

    • Weight: 18 ounces

  • QE: 56% @540nm, 48% at Ha