Caméra QHY 9 Mono With kaf 8300

QHY9 kaf8300 Mono

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Caméra QHY 9 Mono With kaf 8300

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Caméra QHY 9 Mono With kaf 8300

The ALccd-QHY 9 is a CCD camera with a Kodak sensor . It is an exceptionally well-performing camera with excellent cooling. The case is light and compact, the fan large and quiet. A camera for high demands!

The most important feature of the ALccd-QHY 9:

  • high sensitivity
  • low noise
  • low dark current
  • fast data transmission
  • large chip area
  • High-speed hutter for full-frame sensor
  • powerful software

In the camera electronics is a 32MByte large buffer ( SDRAM ), through which the complete image is downloaded in one piece. This results in a clear noise-free transmission result.

The ALccd-QHY 9 can reduce the temperature of the sensor to a minus 50 degree ambient temperature via a further developed cooling system (separate sensor chamber, cold finger, large lamellas). The temperature control is carried out via the included DC201 control box and via the control software of the camera.



Sensor type CCD-chip (Kodak KAF-8300)
Megapixel 8,9
Active cooling yes
Colour camera no
Microlenses yes
Pixel size 5,4
Resolution Photograph (Pixel) 3326 x 2504
Flange focal distance (mm) 27 (T2)
Size of chip (mm) 17,96 x 13,52
Chip - Diagonal (mm) 22,5
Bit depth (Bit) 16
Max. cooling difference below room temperature 50
Max. exposure time (min) 160
Min. exposure time 0,1
Antiblooming yes
Binning 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4
Full Well Capacity 25.500
Reading noise 8
Connection (to the telescope) T2
Quantal efficiency 56% @500nm, 48% @656nm


Filter wheel yes


Diameter (mm) 105
Height (mm) 80
Weight (g) 600
Series Cooled CCD Mono

Area of application

AllSky, Meteore no
Autoguider no
Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes