QHY8L Color CCD Camera - 28.5 mm sensor

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QHY8L Color CCD Camera - 28.5 mm sensor 

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QHY8L Color CCD Camera - 28.5 mm sensor 

ALccd cameras are designed for the requirements of ambitious and advanced amateur astro photographers.

It is recommended for those who want to step up from a standard DSLR camera to a "real" astro CCD camera without the need of changing the whole accessory system. Because of the similar sensor sized, field corrector systems and other accessories can be kept.

The main difference between the ALccd8L and DSLR cameras is: The Astrolumina camera does not share their disadvantages. DSLR cameras have an IR cut filter in order to deliver sharp and colour-balanced images. For astro photography, blocking near IR is normally not wanted and the result is that H-alpha emitting objects like many gas nebulae can be captures with much less integration time.

Nearly all standard DSLR camera have a data depth of 12 bit (4096 levels of grey). For astro imaging, this is not optimal. ALccd cameras work with 16 bit - the advantage is obvious. You gather more contrasty pictures and a fainter limiting magnitude.

Cooling, shutter and suppression of icing:

The design of the ALccd prevents sensor icing by a dew trap.

The progressive scan sensor reading system makes a mechanical shutter unnecessary.


Sensor Type: Sony Super HAD ICX413AQ
Number of pixels: 3,110 x 2,030 (6 MPixel)
Aktive Pixels: 3.032 x 2.016 (6 MPixel)
Pixel size: 7.8 µm x 7.8 µm (square)
Sensor size: 25.10 mm x 17.64 mm (28.4 mm active diagonal)
Quantum efficiency: ca. 60% (green), 50% (blue, H-alpha)
Chip type: RGGB-Bayer pattern, Micro lensing
Readout noise: 6-10 e @ 600 kPixel/s
Anti blooming gate: -110 dB
Distance from thread to chip: 20 mm (23 mm with rotation adapter)
Data depth: 16 bit
Data transfer: 10 s 1x1 Binning
Data transfer: 5 s 2x2 Binning
Data transfer: 3 s 4x4 Binning
Pre-view and focus imaging: 2 s 1x1 Binning
Pre-view and focus imaging: 1 s 2x2 Binning
Pre-view and focus imaging: 0,5 s 4x4 Binning
Interface: USB 2.0
Integration time: 0.02 - 10,000 seconds
Cooling: two-stage thermo-electric (Peltier element)
Max. Δt: 40 °C
IR/UV blocking filter: built-in
Size DxH: 63 mm x 129 mm
Weight: 400 g