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QHY 5III 174c - USB3.0 CMOS Color Camera

Caméra QHY 174 Color

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QHY 5III 174c - USB3.0 CMOS Color Camera

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QHY 5III 174c - USB3.0 CMOS Color Camera

Astrolumina Alccd-QHY 5III 174c - fast CMOS Color Camera

The ALccd-QHY 5III 174 is the first model of a series of new USB 3.0 cameras. It is an excellent camera for the solar, lunar, planetary and meteor photography, but also a low-noise and highly sensitive camera for deep sky photography.

With a standard C-mount lens 50mm f/1.4, you can reach stars of 8th to 9th magnitude live in a video stream at 30 frames per second (about 30 ms exposure time). This offers a new dimension in high-sensitivity HD video photography!

Sensor and shutter

In the ALccd-QHY 5III 174 color, the built sensor uses technology in the "global shutter" mode (Pregius TM) combines high frame rates with high quality, CCD-like image results. Other highlights include lower noise level, higher quantum efficiencies and ways to set higher gain values to.

The global shutter prevents smearing / pixelizing of moving objects, for example, also artifacts caused by atmospheric movements at higher frame rates at the moon/sun/planetary photography.

The housing

The housing shape is designed so that the camera, like the proven ALccd-QHY 5-II models, fits into standard 1.25" focusers or adapters. The fins provide for a fast and selective dissipation of the heat which is produced during the exposure.

The back focus is minimal, so that the camera can also be used in most off-axis guiders for auto guiding. The Lemo connector on RJ12 is robust and compatible to most mount controllers on the market.

The ALccd-QHY 5III 174 camera is also available as monochrome version.

System requirements

The camera has an advanced electronics that makes a PC with USB 2.0 support necessary. The maximum performance can be reached only with a powerful USB 3.0 computer.

The operating software is Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible and supported by 32- and 64-bit.


Type: Sony IMX174 Exmor CMOS color chip
Active pixels: 1,936 * 1,216 (2.35 megapixels)
Pixel size: 5.86 microns x 5.86 microns (square pixels)
Chip size: 11.34 x 7.13 mm
Quantum efficiency: a bit less than 78%
Fullwell: >32 ke-
Die: With microlenses
Readout type: Progressive scan
Shutter type: Global
Binning: 1x1 and 2x2
Data depth integration: 10 bit / 12 bit
Data depth output: 8 bit / 12 bit
Readout noise: 5.3e @ Gain0, 2.8E @ Gain60, 1.6e@Gain100
System gain: 0.46e-/ADU@Gain0
Data transmission: 138 to 490 frames / second
Interface: USB 3.0 (backwards compatible with USB 2.0)
Exposure times: 5 microseconds - 900 s
Anti-amp control: yes
Cooling: No cooling
Powered: Via USB cable
Autoguider port: Integrated (LEMO to RJ-12)
Telescope connection: 31.7mm (1 1/4 ") male terminal
Distance leading edge to the sensor: 11 mm
Optical window: With UV and IR blocking from 680 nm
Dimensions (DxH): 31.7x42x65 mm
Weight: 85 g