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Celestron Camera Skyris 236 Mono

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Celestron Camera Skyris 236 Mono

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Celestron Camera Skyris 236 Mono

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No compromises - this camera can make you a serious planetary photographer!

  • ultra-sensitive SONY Exmor ™ IMX236LQJ CMOS sensor - CMOS technology, CMOS sensors are beginning to supersede CCD sensors in planetary imaging, and the Sony Exmor IMX236 sensor shows just where things are heading. The sensor is twice as sensitive as the IMX136 in the near infrared range, making the IMX236 the perfect combination of speed, sensitivity and price. The results are comparable to those from much more expensive cameras, and at a significantly lower price. With a pixel size of only 2.8 microns, the IMX236 provides more resolution and requires less focal length than cameras employing larger pixels - a big advantage for planetary imaging. So small to medium sized telescopes can achieve a larger image scale, without compromising on sensitivity.
  • higher speed via USB 3.0 and very fast read-out - Skyris cameras can transfer images very rapidly to the PC via USB 3.0. The Skyris 236 CMOS sensor also supports hardware subframing - if only a portion of the sensor is read with planetary imaging, then up to 200 frames per second are possible. Or use the entire sensor at 60 frames per second. The latter is ideal for photography of the Sun and Moon!
  • complete software solution - Celestron's iCap software comes included with all Skyris cameras as well as software part for adding the images together ( 'stacking'). This software suite allows you to easily control the camera, as well as recording and exporting your images and videos. After recording, you can select the best images and process them further.

Skyris cameras as autoguider cameras - Skyris cameras also work extremely well as autoguiders. They are connected to a Celestron mount as a Direct-Show device or WDM-similar camera. Simply connect the hand control via RS232 cable and USB/RS232 adapter to your PC. Skyris cameras work with popular programs such as MaxIm DL or the PHD Guiding freeware. With many other mounts, it is not connected the PC via the hand controller, but with via the ST-4 autoguider port. Your Skyris is then turned into a highly sensitive autoguider.

Skyris series cameras are a joint development of Celestron in California and The Imaging Source in Germany, the leading manufacturer of industrial cameras. Skyris cameras have been developed by Celestron with lightweight housings and cooling fins for reducing thermal noise.

§ Intended usage of the camera

  • Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Neptune - very good
  • Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - very good
  • entire lunar disk - not very good
  • detail of lunar disk - very good
  • entire solar disk - not very good
  • detail of solar disk- very good

Note: Only photograph the Sun using a special solar filter.



Sensor type CMOS Chip (Sony Exmor IMX236)
Size of chip (mm) 5,44 x 3,42
Pixel size 2,8
Power supply USB
Supported operating systems Win XP/Vista/7/8 & Mac OS X
Connection (to the telescope) 1,25"
Operating temperature -40 bis 40
Resolution Photograph (Pixel) 1920 x 1200
Images per second 60
Bit depth (Bit) 12
Interfaces USB 3.0
Software iCap
Active cooling no
Colour camera no
Megapixel 2,3
Cable length (m) 1,8
Max. exposure time (min) 0,2
Min. exposure time 0,0001
Aperture ratio 11


Filter wheel no


Colour silver/black
Weight (g) 100
Series Skyris
Outer material Aluminium

Area of application

Autoguider yes
Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
AllSky, Meteore no
H-Alpha no