ZWO ASIAIR Plus controller with 256 GB - for ASI cameras and mounts


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ZWO ASIAIR Plus controller with 256 GB - for ASI cameras and mounts

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ZWO ASIAIR Plus controller with 256 GB - for ASI cameras and mounts

ZWO ASIAIR PLUS - never has astrophotography been so easy!

ASIAIR PLUS is an intelligent WiFi controller for all astrophotography applications. It replaces a laptop or even an expensive stand-alone autoguider. Also the cable tangle at the telescope is a thing of the past. You only need your smartphone or a tablet, which you connect to the ASIAIR-WiFi. The areas of application are manifold:

♦ Control of all ZWO ASI USB 3.0 cameras - but cooled cameras need an extra power supply.
♦ Autoguiding in combination with a ZWO MINI camera, e.g. with the ASI120 Mini
♦ Control of selected mounts, for example from Skywatcher or iOptron
♦ Control of selected DSLR and system cameras
♦ Autofocusing with the ZWO EAF motorized focuser
♦ Debayer function for ZWO color cameras
♦ Image preview
♦ Polar alignment routine
♦ Planetary and lunar video capture
♦ Live Stacking
♦ and much more!

ASIAIR PLUS is the third generation of ASIAIR

ASIAIR is continuously developed further by ZWO and also the third generation convinces, besides the well-known reliability, by interesting innovations:
♦ Built-in WiFi antenna, which greatly amplifies the signal and extends the range;
♦ Four indicators for the 12 V DC outputs. This allows you to check the power status and monitor the consumption in real time.
♦ USB-C port, this allows you to connect the ASIAIR Plus directly to your computer to transfer the data instead of going through an SD card (not supplied) and the card reader.
♦ ASIAIR Plus is now even more compact and lighter. The body is made of aluminum and CNC machined, which makes the device even more robust and durable.
♦ Even better operational reliability - ASIAIR OS runs on eMMC memory. A "Auto Recovery Mode" feature allows the system to automatically detect errors and restore itself.
♦ Strongly expanded internal memory for photos and videos

Accurate focusing: After coarse focusing is completed, select a star, then accurate focusing can be done by curves such as brightness and HFD. It can also be done with ZWO EAF by remote control.

Polar alignment: Based on the powerful plate-solving function, you can complete the arc-second alignment of the polar axis within a few minutes.

Accurate GoTo: With the rich celestial object database, accurate GoTo can be achieved after selecting the object.

Stable guiding: Independent and stable tracking control can be achieved without the PC.

Preview mode: You can see the image of the object directly under ´Preview´.

Autorun: Set the object and configure the schedule, ASIAIR will run the image sequence automatically.

Live stacking: You can see the stacked image (lower noise with calibration shots) of the object directly during capturing.

Supported DSLR and system cameras

ASIAIR PLUS is a smart WiFi device that allows you to control DSLR and system cameras. A listing of compatible DSLR and mirrorless system cameras can be found here.

Astrocameras from other manufacturers, such as QHY, are not controlled by ASIAIR.

Supported Mounts

ZWO has also worked closely with major manufacturers to ensure compatibility of iOptron, Vixen, Rainbow, Avalon, Explore Scientific and other models. For now, the ASIAIR PRO supports hundreds of equatorial mounts from more than 20 manufacturers worldwide. All mounts and cameras supported by the previous version(ASIAIR) will also work with the ASIAIR PRO and ASIAIR PLUS.]

Link to a listing of compatible mounts - Mounts with Asiair.

Manuals can be found on ZWO´s manuals page.

Drivers can be found on ZWO´s driver page.

{Connecting ASIAIR to Skywatcher Goto mounts}]
In principle, all Skywatcher Goto mounts can be connected to the ASIAIR system.

[*1. Older Goto systems without USB connection

- Plug the RS-232 cable supplied with the mount into the corresponding socket of the Synscan handbox, connect it with the ZWO USB-RS232 converter cable and plug it into the USB socket of the ASIAIR.

- Switch on mount and ASIAIR, select "Synscan" as mount in the ASIAIR app.

Note: The ASIAIR Plus has no RS-232 adapter cable included anymore. Here then pos. 1 is omitted.

2. Skywatcher Synscan mounts with USB connection on the handbox or the mount itself (e.g. newer EQ6-R and EQ8)

- These can be connected directly to the ASIAIR with a USB 2 cable.

3. Connection via EQMOD

With a suitable EQMOD cable, the mount can also be connected directly, bypassing the Synscan handbox, to as ASIAIR. One advantage of this method is that the basic alignment to stars ("alignment") can be bypassed and you can go directly to plate solving.

Suitable cables:
EQDIRUSBEQ6, EQDIR-USB-DB9 and HT005 for EQ6 Synscan / Syntrek, Orion Atlas

4. Connection via WiFi/WLAN

Skywatcher mounts with integrated WLAN module or the separately available 20318 WLAN module (the latter fits all Skywatcher Goto mounts) can be directly connected to the ASIAIR without any cables.